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Your project is delayed and you are trying to compress the schedule so that you can bring your project on track. While reviewing the activities of your project, you notice that plumbing work starts after completing electrical work. You discuss these two activities with your team members and reach a conclusion that these two activities can start at the same time. Therefore, you make a change to the plan to start these two activities together. Which technique are you using here?
  1. Resource leveling
  2. Resource optimization
  3. Fast tracking
  4. Crashing

Q2. While evaluating the bar chart, the project manager determines that the project is behind schedule. What should she do?

  1. Obtain approval from the customer to slip the project.
  2. Report findings to management
  3. Evaluate the alternatives with the team
  4. Evaluate the alternatives with the customer
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Q3. A project manager is having problems with how two of the parts fit together on the new computer and the software uploads to the system. To plan a strategy for resolving these problems, it is BEST to determine if the problems are:

  1. Nonconforming
  2. Statistically independent
  3. Impacting quality
  4. Normally distributed.
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Q4. While conducting interviews for a project manager position, you notice that your classmate is one of the prospective candidates. What should you do immediately?

  1. Encourage your classmate by offering some tips
  2. Resign from the interview panel
  3. Remove your classmate from the list
  4. Inform the interview panel of the relationship
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Q5. Project managers need to be aware of Student Syndrome, also known as procrastination, which means that people start to apply themselves only at the last possible moment before the deadline. This concept is similar to Parkinson’s Law which states that:

  1. Work only gets completed during the second half of the allocated time.
  2. Work never gets completed on time even if sufficient time has been allocated.
  3. Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.
  4. Effort expands to fill the time available for the completion of a work package.
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Q6. Ideally the relationship between a project manager and a business analyst should be:

  1. Business analyst should directly report to the project manager
  2. A collaborative partnership
  3. Project manager should directly report to the business analyst
  4. Business analyst must audit the project manager
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Q7. Which of the following is the MOST beneficial result of the project manager knowing the critical path?

  1. She would know where the extra resources should be placed
  2. She would know what activities she needs to focus on while managing the project.
  3. She would know where stakeholders need to be assigned to the project.
  4. She would know where there is float on the project
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Q8. A project manager has put in place rules covering who will have access to controlled documents, how changes to these items will be recorded and approved, and how everyone will know what the current version is. The project manager is therefore creating a:

  1. Work authorization system
  2. Change control system
  3. Configuration management system
  4. Project management information system
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Q9. One of the risks your team has discovered is a high probability that the equipment you are developing will not perform under the pressure it needs to in the workplace. In order to handle this risk, you have chosen to prototype the equipment. This is an example of risk:

  1. Mitigation.
  2. Avoidance
  3. Transference.
  4. Acceptance.
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Q10. Project success is all about managing stakeholders efficiently and fulfilling their requirements. To keep them satisfied you will have to compare the current engagement level of all stakeholders with the planned stakeholder engagement throughout the project life cycle. As per the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition, which option is not an engagement level of stakeholder classification?

  1. Resistant
  2. Neutral
  3. Aggressive
  4. Supportive
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