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It was the first time she ______ ever ______ a prize.
  1. has / won
  2. had / won
  3. is / won
  4. would / win

Q2. My father told me to do my homework. My father said, “______”

  1. You do your homework
  2. You don’t do your homework
  3. I don’t do my homework
  4. Do your homework
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Q3. If the police find out it was us who smashed up the window, we'll be in …… .

  1. hot water
  2. the beaten track
  3. a mine of information
  4. the drop of a hat
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Q4. It was the first time she ______ ever ______ a prize.

  1. has / won
  2. had / won
  3. is / won
  4. would / win
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Q5. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that

  1. we were having sandwiches for lunch
  2. the electricity bill had arrived
  3. I had won a million dollars in the lottery
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Q6. Those kids are such … They never turn their music down.

  1. pains in neck
  2. pains in the neck
  3. pain in the neck
  4. pain in the necks
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Q7. You'll find out who your fair-weather friends are when you get

  1. rich and famous
  2. sick and depressed
  3. married and have kids
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Q8. “Fantastic! I’ve actually passed my exam!” exclaimed Janet. Janet was delighted to find that _______.

  1. I’d passed my exam
  2. I’ve passed my exam
  3. she’s passed her exam
  4. she’d passed her exam
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Q9. Always turn your television off ______.

  1. when you went to bed
  2. as soon as you got bored
  3. after you have fallen asleep
  4. before you leave home
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Q10. My father wants me to study law, but I have made up my ……… to become an archaeologist, instead.

  1. heart
  2. head
  3. brain
  4. mind
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