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Project Management Question Bank

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You are working on a medium-sized project and management has decided to forego the perform quantitative risk analysis process. So, after identifying risks, you start the qualitative risk analysis process and now you are going to prioritize them. Which of the following techniques are you going to use?
  1. Probability and impact
  2. Fishbone diagram
  3. Scatter diagram
  4. Sensitive analysis

2. Large variations in the periodic expenditure of funds are undesirable for organizational operations. Therefore, the expenditure of funds is frequently reconciled with the disbursement of funds for the project. According to the PMBOK, this is known as:

  1. Disbursement Reconciliation
  2. Expenditure Reconciliation
  3. Budget Reconciliation
  4. Funding Limit Reconciliation
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3. The primary customer of a project has requested an application change during user testing. As project manager, how should you BEST address this issue?

  1. Develop a risk mitigation plan.
  2. Create a formal change request.
  3. Inform the project sponsor of changes to scope, cost and schedule.
  4. Ensure the scope change compies with all relevant contractual provisions.
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4. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of poor risk management?

  1. Inadequate risk response planning
  2. Poor risk monitoring and control
  3. Lack of prioritized list of risks
  4. Lack of detail in the project scope statement.
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5. A project team is currently focusing on Monitor Stakeholder Engagement process to reassess the project stakeholders' current engagement levels and to review the current stakeholder engagement strategy. Which of the following is an output of this process?

  1. Project documents updates
  2. Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix
  3. Work performance data
  4. Approved change requests
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6. While evaluating the bar chart, the project manager determines that the project is behind schedule. What should she do?

  1. Obtain approval from the customer to slip the project.
  2. Report findings to management
  3. Evaluate the alternatives with the team
  4. Evaluate the alternatives with the customer
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7. Who of the following has primary responsibility for establishing design and test specifications?

  1. Senior management
  2. Procurement
  3. Engineering
  4. Quality control
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8. A project team is creating a project management plan when management asks them to identify project risks and provide some form of qualitative output as soon as possible. What should the project team provide?

  1. Prioritized list of project risks
  2. Risk triggers
  3. Contingency reserves
  4. Probability of achieving the time and cost objectives.
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9. Who determines the project scope requirements of a new project?

  1. The customer
  2. The stakeholders
  3. The project manager
  4. Senior management
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10. Where should a new project manager look to determine resource requirements?

  1. Resource leveling chart
  2. Resource bar chart
  3. Activity list
  4. Project schedule
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