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During the team member acquiring process, you observe that a particular employee from another department can be used for your project for some work. Therefore, you ask their functional manager to provide the employee on alternate days. The functional manager says they can provide you with the particular employee for only two days a week. Which technique are you using here?
  1. Acquire project team
  2. Negotiation
  3. Pre-assignment
  4. Develop project team

2. Joe is attempting to calculate the probable financial impact of some future uncertain scenarios. What method could he use?

  1. Pareto analysis
  2. Earned value analysis
  3. Variance analysis
  4. Expected monetary value analysis
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3. Information in the stakeholder register should be:

  1. Accessible only to the project manager.
  2. Available to the project manager and PMO staff.
  3. Available to all stakeholders and team members.
  4. Shared with others at the discretion of the project manager.
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4. While completing work, a project team member tells you that a work package has been forgotten in the WBS. What is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Wait for a change request to be processed.
  2. Include it in the WBS
  3. Include it only in the network diagram.
  4. Include it in the estimate, but not the activity list.
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5. While planning the schedule for your project, you frequently refer to the project calendar. The project calendar is:

  1. A calendar containing the days on which various meetings are scheduled with the project team.
  2. A calendar of working days or shifts that establishes those dates on which schedule activities are worked.
  3. A calendar containing the list of days on which the project team members will be on leave or take an “off.”
  4. A calendar that establishes the dates on which project deliverables go to the customer.
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6. As per the chart, the resource completing activity E is not performing very well. After much argument, the functional manager agrees to assign a different resource to activity E, but this will increase activity E’s duration to seven months. What is the effect of this change?

  1. None, because activity E was not on the critical path
  2. The project will be delayed because activity E is on the critical path
  3. The project will be delayed because activity E has float of five
  4. None, because activity E has float of four.
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7. Rick has just been assigned as the project manager of a project to develop a complex product. The project is in the Define Scope phase. Which of these tools and techniques will Rick not use in this phase?

  1. Systems analysis
  2. Process analysis
  3. Product breakdown
  4. Value engineering
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8. A ______ is a collection of projects or programs grouped together for strategic business needs.

  1. Portfolio
  2. Management System
  3. Enterprise
  4. Array
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9. A project has several teams. Team C has repeatedly missed deadlines in the past. This has caused team D have to crash the critical path several times. As the team leader for team D, you should meet with the:

  1. Manager of team D
  2. Project manager alone
  3. Project manager and management
  4. Project manager and the leader of team C.
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10. Which of the following is the correct sequence of the PMBOK processes that collects work performance data, converts it to work performance information, formats it into work performance reports, and distributes these reports?

  1. Direct & Manage Project Work -> Monitor & Control Project Work -> Monitor Communications -> Manage Communications
  2. Monitor Communications -> Direct & Manage Project Work -> Monitor & Control Project Work -> Manage Communications
  3. Direct & Manage Project Work -> Monitor Communications -> Monitor & Control Project Work -> Manage Communications
  4. Direct & Manage Project Work -> Monitor & Control Project Work -> Manage Communications -> Monitor Communications
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