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You are attending a monthly status meeting with your stakeholders. During the discussion with an influential stakeholder, he asks you about a particular deliverable, He would like to know why it is taking so long to deliver and who is responsible for it. To answer his query, you refer a document and call Tom, who was responsible for this deliverable. What document is this?
  1. Scope statement
  2. Stakeholder register
  3. RACI chart
  4. Issue log

2. You are collecting requirements for your project. For a few requirements you are having difficulty reaching a consensus, so you decide to vote and select the choice which has the largest number of votes. What voting technique is this?

  1. Minority
  2. Unanimity
  3. Majority
  4. Plurality
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3. In order to shorten the project duration, you want to look at fast tracking the project. Based on the chart, which activity(s) would you consider fast tracking?

  1. Activity B or E
  2. Activity C or F
  3. Activity H
  4. Activity D or I
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4. In projects where there is a gap between the real business requirements and the stated business requirements, agile methods are extremely helpful. Agile methods provide a solution to this problem by:

  1. Completing the project quickly so that gap is significantly reduced.
  2. Replacing the project manager with a Scrum master in order to expedite the project.
  3. Purposefully building and reviewing prototypes and release versions to refine requirements.
  4. Eliminating the documentation altogether from the project management approach.
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5. Two team members are having a big disagreement about how to accomplish an activity. The project is low risk and is taking place in a strong matrix environment with 34 team members. To resolve this dispute, the project manager should:

  1. Make the decision
  2. Send the team members to their managers for advice on resolving the dispute
  3. Ask for a benchmark analysis
  4. Have the team member’s compromise.
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6. The project CPI is 1.02, the benefit cost ratio is 1.7 and the latest round of performance reviews identified few needed adjustments. The project team was co-located into a new building when the project started. Everyone commented on how excited they were to have all new facilities. The sponsor is providing adequate support for the project and few unidentified risks have occurred In an attempt to improve performance, the project manager spends part of the project budget on new chairs for the team members and adds the term “senior” to each team member’s job title. Which of the following is the MOST correct thing that can be said of this project or the project manager?

  1. The project manager has misunderstood Herzberg’s theory
  2. The project is slowly spending more money than it should. The project manager should begin to watch cost more carefully
  3. The performance review should be handled better to find more adjustments
  4. The project manager should use good judgment to determine which variances are important.
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7. During Control risks process, the risk response owner should be:

  1. Identifying which risks he/she wants to monitor
  2. Controlling the identification of response strategies
  3. Informing the project manager of any midcourse correction needed
  4. Updating stakeholders of new strategies for mitigating risks.
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8. During the risk analysis process, you find that a specific risk has a remote chance of happening and if it occurs, it will have very little effect on the project objective. What will you do with this risk?

  1. Analyze it further
  2. Assign it a risk owner
  3. Keep it in watch list
  4. You will ignore it
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9. If a project manager believes that a particular subcontract needs to be terminated, which of the following can provide guidance on the contract termination procedure?

  1. The contract termination procedures in the organizational process assets
  2. The termination clause of the specific subcontract
  3. The change control procedures in the project management plan
  4. The contract termination procedures in the project procurements management plan
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10. The term ________ indicates the degree to which a particular product or service meets requirements, while _____________ indicates a category or rank used to distinguish that item from other similar items.

  1. Quality, grade
  2. Grade, standard
  3. Grade, quality
  4. Quality, standard
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