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Project Management Question Bank
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You open a new hotel in Malaysia. You are new to this area and do not have experience in catering services. You are discussing whether you should provide your own catering service for your customers or to outsource it from another caterer who is experienced. They are guaranteeing their service and ready to accept a fine if they fail to serve your customers in a timely manner. Since their offer is lucrative, you decline starting your own catering service for customers and accept their offer. What kind of risk response strategy is this?
  1. Accept
  2. Avoid
  3. Transfer
  4. Exploit

Q2. A project manager has just been assigned a team that comes from many countries, including Brazil, Japan, the US, and Britain. What is her BEST tool for success?

  1. The responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
  2. The teleconference
  3. Team communication with the WBS
  4. Communication and well-developed people skills
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Q3. You are designing a motor engine. During the design phase, you find that a technique required to develop the piston is a bit more advanced than the technology you currently possess. Although you can acquire this technology, it is too time consuming. On the other hand, there is a supplier that can provide you with the same component but at a higher cost. You are still discussing the options with your team members. Which technique are you using here?

  1. Select seller
  2. Source selection criteria
  3. Make or buy analysis
  4. None of the above
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Q4. A project’s financial management reserves are determined in which process:

  1. Estimate Costs
  2. Determine Budget
  3. Control Costs
  4. Estimate Activity Resources
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Q5. To create a quality product, the project management team invested in training the project team members and purchasing high-end equipment. Such costs are:

  1. Failure costs
  2. Costs of Nonconformance
  3. Appraisal costs
  4. Prevention costs
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Q6. The Cost Performance Baseline is a time-phased budget and is used as a basis to measure, monitor, and control overall cost performance of the project. It is usually displayed in the form of:

  1. An S-curve
  2. An inverted S-curve.
  3. Pie-chart
  4. A Z curve
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Q7. The paint on the exotic cars that are manufactured in your plant is bubbling about a year after application. What would be the best tool for your team to use to find potential causes of the peeling paint?

  1. Scatter diagram
  2. Ishikawa Diagram
  3. Control Chart
  4. Inspection
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Q8. The work breakdown structure provides you with a structured vision of what has to be delivered, and the WBS dictionary provides you with detailed deliverables, activities, and scheduling information about each component in the WBS. Which of the following information cannot be found in the WBS dictionary?

  1. Work description
  2. List of assumptions
  3. Resource requirement
  4. Critical risks
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Q9. The results of another project have just been posted. Substantial rework will be required in order to meet the project requirements. Because the cost is too high, effective immediately, the project management office will be requiring all projects to do statistical sampling. What is the project management office concentrating its efforts on improving?

  1. Quality management
  2. Manage Quality
  3. Plan Quality
  4. Perform Quality Control.
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Q10. For your project, you have broken down the work package into activities and just now completed the network diagram. Which process is this?

  1. Develop schedule
  2. Sequence activities
  3. Define schedule
  4. Create WBS
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