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Project Management Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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A stakeholder register contains all the information about the stakeholders. Which of the following is not included in the stakeholder register?
  1. List of stakeholders
  2. Stakeholders’ classification
  3. Responsibility of assignments
  4. None of the above

Q2. There is a serious defect in the finished product of a project that was completed a few months ago, resulting in a recall campaign to recall the defective products. What would be the best classification for these types of costs?

  1. To complete performance index (TCP)
  2. Cost variance
  3. Cost of conformance
  4. Cost of nonconformance
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Q3. As project manager o a project, you just handled a risk event that impacted the project cost and schedule. Because the impact is 15 percent total project cost, what is the MOST appropriate action?

  1. Control the cost
  2. Inform the appropriate stakeholders
  3. Act to bring the cost of the event within acceptable limits
  4. Update the project budget.
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Q4. You have completed your estimates for your project and have determined that it will take 10 months to complete. However, your project sponsor insists that it be completed in nine months. How do you handle this?

  1. Increase the budget by 10 percent
  2. Inform the sponsor you will have to explore the options before committing to that timeline
  3. Reduce scope
  4. Add resources
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Q5. You are performing administrative closure during the Close Project process. Upon completion of this process, you will have project archives, formal acceptance, and:

  1. Project reports
  2. Lessons learned
  3. Performance measurement documentation
  4. Statement of work updates 5
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Q6. In response to a risk, the project manager meets with the team and management to develop a strategy. After discussions, they decide that it would be best to make sure the risk definitely happens. This is an example of which risk response strategy?

  1. Share
  2. Exploit
  3. Accept
  4. Enhance.
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Q7. You have joined a new organization and are assigned a project. This is a new type of project but the organization has completed many similar projects in the past. You decide to review the lessons learned from past projects. You go to the archives and ask for the lessons learned from past projects. Lessons learned is a part of which of the following?

  1. Organizational process assets
  2. Enterprise environment factor
  3. Project management plan
  4. Project archive
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Q8. Which of the following is the BEST project management tool to use to determine the longest time the project will take?

  1. WBS
  2. Network diagram
  3. Bar chart
  4. Project charter
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Q9. In the earned value management technique, the cost performance baseline is:

  1. Cost Measurement Baseline (CMB)
  2. Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)
  3. Performance Base Value (PBV)
  4. Actual Baseline (AB)
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Q10. If a project manager is concerned with gathering, integrating, and disseminating the outputs of all project management processes, she should concentrate on creating a better:

  1. WBS
  2. Communications management plan
  3. Project management information system
  4. Project scope management plan.
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