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Project Management Question Bank

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You are developing the project management plan. Management asks you to provide them with information on the chances of completing the project under different circumstances. The project is important and so management does not want to delay the schedule. You compile the data and use a tool and tell management that there is a 90% chance you can complete the project within the schedule, however, if you are given three weeks of extra time, the chance of completing project rises to 98%. Which of the following statements is true about the tool you have used to come up with this information?
  1. It is a perform qualitative risk analysis process technique
  2. It is a perform quantitative risk analysis process technique
  3. It is a control quality process technique
  4. It is a technique of the determine budget process

Q2. All of the following are the responsibility of a project manager EXCEPT:

  1. Maintain the confidentiality of customer confidential information
  2. Determine the legality of company procedures.
  3. Ensure that a conflict of interest does not compromise the legitimate interest of the customer
  4. Provide accurate and truthful representations in cost estimates
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Q3. You are in the middle of a complex negotiation when the other party says, “We need to finish in one hour because I have to catch my plane.” That person is using which of the following negotiation strategies?

  1. Good guy, bad guy
  2. Delay
  3. Deadline
  4. Extreme demands.
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Q4. All of the following are outputs of the Estimate Costs process EXCEPT:

  1. An understanding of the cost risk in the work that has been estimated.
  2. The prevention of inappropriate changes from being included in the cost baseline.
  3. An indication of the range of possible costs for the project
  4. Documentation of any assumptions made during the Estimate Costs process.
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Q5. A person who has been working as a project expeditor for the past three years has just been named as project manger for a construction project in a neighboring state. The construction crew has worked together for a number of years. One of the project manager’s responsibilities is to pursue all of the historical risk information available, but he does not have enough time to access all available resources. The project manager would be best served by relying LEAST on which of these sources?

  1. Lessons learned databases 0
  2. Project files
  3. Published benchmarking reports
  4. Project team knowledge
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Q6. Project managers need to be aware of Student Syndrome. What does that mean?

  1. People go through a learning curve whenever they are engaged in a project.
  2. People who consider themselves students of project management tend to apply PMBOK principles better.
  3. People start to apply themselves only at the last possible moment before the deadline.
  4. People who undertake studies during their professional careers tend to be better project managers.
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Q7. The Close Project or Phase process is not performed when:

  1. Cancelling projects
  2. Closing projects
  3. Closing project phases
  4. Reactivating projects
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Q8. Which of the following is the LEAST effective way to influence the factors that create changes to the cost baseline?

  1. Review the project scope with the functional manager responsible for the greatest number of requested changes.
  2. Explain to those requesting changes the negative impact of change to the project.
  3. Eliminate the scope causing the most changes
  4. Notify all stakeholders that no more changes will be allowed.
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Q9. Administrative closure involves all the activities in a step-by-step manner to satisfy various completion and exit criteria for the project. This is part of which Project Management Knowledge Area?

  1. Project Communications Management
  2. Project Scope Management
  3. Project Integration Management
  4. Project Procurement Management
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Q10. Which of the following are ALWAYS inputs to the risk management process EXCEPT:

  1. Historical information.
  2. Lessons learned.
  3. Work breakdown structure.
  4. Project status reports.
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