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Project Management Question Bank
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During the project execution, a stakeholder comes to you and argues against a particular deliverable. You investigated it and found that this particular deliverable was based on his requirement. To prove this, what document will you show to him?
  1. Scope statement
  2. Requirement traceability matrix
  3. Statement of work
  4. Scope management plan

Q2. Mark is in the middle of a software development project. So far, the project has incurred a total cost of $50,000. If it is determined the project is no longer required, what would we call the cost incurred to date?

  1. Opportunity cost
  2. Return on investment
  3. Breakeven cost
  4. Sunk cost
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Q3. When is it MOST important that integration is performed?

  1. During project planning
  2. During project executing
  3. At key interface points
  4. At the end of each project management process
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Q4. Which of the following would generally lead to the LEAST amount of quality improvement?

  1. TQM
  2. Quality planning
  3. Implementing an ISO 9000 standard
  4. Increasing inspection
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Q5. Who is ultimately responsible for quality management on the project?

  1. The project engineer
  2. The project manager
  3. The quality manager
  4. Team member
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Q6. Benefit measurement and constrained optimization are examples of:

  1. Benefit cost ratios
  2. Variable costs
  3. Types of depreciation
  4. Project selection methods
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Q7. A team member complains to the project manager that another team member has once again failed to provide necessary information. The project manager meets with both team members to uncover the reason for the problem. This is an example of:

  1. Withdrawal
  2. Confronting
  3. Compromising
  4. Smoothing.
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Q8. You are estimating the cost for your project by using historical data and applying it to your project, such as the cost of painting per square foot. Which technique are you using here?

  1. Bottom up
  2. Top down
  3. Analogous
  4. Parametric
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Q9. Which of the following BEST describes when the team and stakeholders identify risks?

  1. During the Verify Scope process
  2. After the project charter is received and before the work breakdown structure is created.
  3. Whenever there is a change to the project
  4. Before the project charter is created.
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Q10. You are in the final phase of a low-cost car manufacturing project. This project has successfully delivered a low-cost car that runs on batteries. However, to close this project and avoid auditing from government authorities, it must demonstrably comply with many administrative standards. Since your organization possesses experts who know closing procedures and standards, you want to use them to close this project. This effort is an instance of:

  1. Using enterprise environmental factors in closing the project
  2. Using expert judgment in closing the project
  3. Using organizational process assets in closing the project
  4. Poor project management practice
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