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I met her at yesterday’s party, but I ______ her by sight for years before that.
  1. had known
  2. have known
  3. will have known
  4. had been known

Q2. After promising to go to Beth's parent's cabin for the weekend, Molly got invited to the coolest party of the year and now Molly is really (in a pickle).

  1. This means that no matter what happens things are going to work out for Molly.
  2. This means that Molly is stuck in a difficult situation.
  3. This means that Molly has become really popular.
  4. This means that Molly smells like vinegar.
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Q3. He broke his leg ______ he was skiing.

  1. as soon as
  2. after
  3. when
  4. before
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Q4. To relax from stress is the same as to ______ down.

  1. wind
  2. lie
  3. let
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Q5. The prosecutor knew that the councilman had stolen public funds, but she wanted to (get all of her ducks in a row) before she charged him with a crime.

  1. She wanted to catch the councilman in the act
  2. She wanted to take the time to properly prepare her case
  3. She had other business to take care of before going after the councilman
  4. She had to finish eating lunch before she went back to work
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Q6. The jacket fits like a ...... but the sleeve has a hole in it.

  1. door
  2. window
  3. glove
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Q7. If I say “I’m going to hit the books now”,

  1. am I going to take a short break from studying?
  2. am I going to throw my books away?
  3. am I going to study?
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Q8. If you hit the sack,

  1. you win the lottery
  2. you give up a sport because you feel you are not good enough
  3. you go to bed because you are very tired
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Q9. After going to the zoo, the mall, and the movies, Cassie was sick of (bending over backwards) to entertain her nieces.

  1. Cassie was doing very little to entertain her nieces
  2. Cassie was making small efforts to entertain her nieces
  3. Cassie was trying very hard to entertain her nieces.
  4. Cassie was not trying at all to entertain her nieces.
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Q10. I don’t think they can easily get ______ from prison.

  1. away
  2. into
  3. down
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