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Project Management Question Bank
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Julia is a longtime employee of your organization and is given to you for your new project. She was very good in her previous position but you notice that she is not performing well with the assignment you have given her. After further investigation, you learn that she is lacking skills to complete the job assigned to her. What will your next step be?
  1. Terminate them
  2. Monitor them
  3. Develop a training program for them
  4. Recruit some new member

Q2. You are running one week behind on a project due to a late delivery by a vendor. You are forced to compress your project schedule due to a government-mandated end date that constrains your project. After meeting with your team, the decision is to work several tasks in parallel that were scheduled to be run consecutively. This is an example of:

  1. Risk Acceptance
  2. Crashing
  3. Resource Leveling
  4. Fast Tracking
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Q3. Statistical sampling involves choosing part of a population for inspection. Appropriate sampling can often ___________the cost of quality control.

  1. Neutralize
  2. Reduce
  3. Increase
  4. Mitigate
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Q4. Management wants to be sure that the project is following defined quality standards. Which of the following should they look at?

  1. Risk management plan
  2. WBS
  3. Statement of work
  4. Quality audit
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Q5. In attempting to complete the project faster, the project manager looks at the cost associated with crashing each activity. The BEST approach to crashing would also include looking at the:

  1. Risk impact of crashing each activity
  2. Customer’s opinion of which activities to crash
  3. Boss’s opinion of which activities to crash and in what order.
  4. Project life cycle phase in which the activity is due to occur
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Q6. The project status report is an example of which form of communication?

  1. Formal written communication
  2. Formal verbal communication
  3. Informal written communication
  4. Informal verbal communication
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Q7. Conflict management is a tool and technique of which of the following processes?

  1. Control Procurements
  2. Identify Stakeholders
  3. Close Project or Phase
  4. Manage Team
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Q8. You are a project manager for one of many projects in a large and important program. At a high-level status meeting, you note that another project manager has reported her project on schedule. Looking back on your project over the last few weeks, you remember many deliverables from the other project that arrived late. What should you do?

  1. Meet with the program manager
  2. Develop a risk control plan
  3. Discuss the issue with your boss
  4. Meet with the other project manager
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Q9. Based on the chart, what is the duration of the critical path?

  1. 19
  2. 13
  3. 15
  4. 14
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Q10. Which of the following processes produces a work breakdown structure as an output?

  1. Create WBS
  2. Define Scope
  3. Develop Project Management Plan
  4. Define Activities
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