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Project Management Question Bank

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You are gathering all the information about the stakeholders and discussing with your team members what changes they can make to the project objective. Which technique are you using here?
  1. Information gathering technique
  2. Stakeholders analysis
  3. Stakeholders management strategy
  4. Brainstorming

2. The approximate resource costs necessary for completing project activities are compiled during which project management process?

  1. Cost Reserve Analysis
  2. Estimate Costs
  3. Cost aggregation
  4. Forecasting.
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3. Greg’s project is in the initiating stage. The sponsor of the project has asked Greg to present a list of the identified project stakeholders at the next project update meeting. The sponsor has also asked Greg to present the project stakeholders’ current and desired engagement levels so they can brainstorm on the stakeholder engagement strategy. Which of the following is a presentation tool that can help Greg summarize all this information in a tabular format?

  1. Communications management plan
  2. Stakeholder register
  3. Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix
  4. Stakeholder engagement plan
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4. The project management processes communicate with each other through their inputs and outputs. Which of the following outputs of the Direct and Manage Project Work process is a prime input of the Monitor Stakeholder Engagement process?

  1. Change requests
  2. Work performance information
  3. Work performance data
  4. Expert judgment
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5. Halfway through the project, the client considers cancelling the remaining work and the contract. It would be BEST to look at which of the following to determine the purpose for the project?

  1. The project description and need in the project charter
  2. The WBS dictionary to verify that the scope is correct
  3. The risk response plan to evaluate alternatives
  4. The chart of accounts to determine the estimate at completion
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6. While visiting the country where a new branch office is being built, you are told that you must pay a US $5,000 fee to the government permit office to obtain the facility permit required by law to start construction. The construction company tells you this is standard practice and is required by law. What should you do?

  1. Pay the fee
  2. Refuse to pay the fee
  3. Have the construction company pay the fee
  4. Have the customer pay the fee
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7. While sequencing activities for a project, the project management team applied certain discretionary dependencies. This was based on their knowledge of best practices within the project application area. What is the potential risk involved in using such dependencies?

  1. They can create fixed float values and create external dependencies.
  2. They can create arbitrary float values and limit later scheduling options.
  3. They can create arbitrary float values and create external dependencies.
  4. They can create arbitrary float values and create mandatory dependencies.
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8. Which of the following is a common problem in the Close Project or Phase process?

  1. Retaining resources to complete the project
  2. Completing the quality assurance plan
  3. Obtaining scope verification
  4. Completing a project charter
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9. As the project manager, you are preparing your methods of quality management. You are looking for a method that can demonstrate the relationship between events and their resulting effects. You want to use a method to depict the events that cause a negative effect on quality. Which of the following is the BEST choice for accomplishing your objective?

  1. Histogram
  2. Pareto chart
  3. Ishikawa diagram
  4. Control chart.
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10. The primary customer of a project has requested an application change during user testing. As project manager, how should you BEST address this issue?

  1. Develop a risk mitigation plan
  2. Through a formal change request
  3. Inform the project sponsor of changes to the scope cost and schedule
  4. Ensure that scope change complies with all relevant contractual provisions
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