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Project Management Question Bank
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The budget of your project is 350,000 USD and you have spent 200,000 USD. However, upon analyzing the project’s performance you find that you are over budget and may need 200,000 USD to complete the remaining work. This 200,000 USD is known as:
  1. BAC
  2. ETC
  3. TCPI
  4. EAC

Q2. The project manager had to request a change in the approved project budget because the WBS did not contain some work that needed to be done. Which of the following is the BEST thing to do as a result of this situation?

  1. Redo the WBS and look for more missing scope.
  2. Ask for a time extension
  3. Redo the change control system
  4. Recalculate the project scope variance
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Q3. You are a project manager working on a project to create high-efficiency electric motors for a company introducing a new electric golf cart. Your company’s president is keenly interested in the project and requests a chart that shows the number of defects by type ordered by their frequency of occurrence. Which type of chart would BEST meet this request?

  1. Histogram
  2. Control chart
  3. Statistical sampling
  4. Scatter diagram
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Q4. The communications management plan is developed to meet the needs of the:

  1. Project sponsor
  2. Team
  3. Project manager
  4. Stakeholders.
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Q5. A project manager is estimating project costs and needs to decide whether the estimates will include direct costs only or include indirect costs, as well. In which of the following phases does this decision need to take place?

  1. Define Scope
  2. Estimate Costs
  3. Plan Expenses
  4. Determine Budget
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Q6. You are two days late on reporting the status for a project you are managing. The status report indicates that the project is lagging behind schedule. During the current week, you are confident of making up some of the lost time. How should you report project status?

  1. Since the status report is already due, do nothing. Send out the status report next week when the project is back on track.
  2. Since the status report is already two days overdue, you may communicate to stakeholders that you will send a consolidated status report next week. In this manner, you can avoid being untruthful or falsifying reports.
  3. Send out a status report to all stakeholders indicating that the project is on track. Once this week goes by, things will be fine, and the status reports will be back to normal.
  4. You should report project status exactly as it is. You may also mention that you expect to make up some of the lost ground but will truthfully represent current status.
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Q7. You are just starting on a project as project manager. The project sponsor asks you for weekly status updates by email and monthly project status meetings to review the project’s progress. These requirements are documented in the:

  1. Scope statement
  2. Communications management plan
  3. Project charter
  4. Organizational plan
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Q8. Nancy is carrying out cost-benefit analysis for a project. If undertaken, the project will start in January next year and end by December. The project will incur a constant cost of $10,000 each month (payable by the end of each month) giving a total cost of $120,000 for the project. The revenue from the project is collected on a quarterly basis. The total revenue for the project by the end of December will be $200,000. The opportunity cost of the project is 12 percent which is the bank interest rate Nancy can get if she does not invest in this project. The total present value of all cash outflows is $112,551, while the total present value of all cash inflow is $185,721. What is the benefit-to-cost ratio for the project?

  1. 1.67
  2. 0.6
  3. 1.65
  4. 0.61
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Q9. The project is calculated to be completed four days after the desired completion date. You do not have access to additional resources. The project is low risk, the benefit cost ratio (BCR) is expected to be 1.6, and the dependencies are preferential. Under these circumstances, what would be the BEST thing to do?

  1. Cut resources from an activity
  2. Make more resources concurrent
  3. Move resources from the preferential dependencies to the external dependencies.
  4. Remove an activity from the project.
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Q10. Management wants the project completed in 40 days. The cost performance index (CPI) is 1.1; the project critical path duration is 38 days with a standard deviation of two days. What is the maximum project float?

  1. Zero days
  2. Two days
  3. Four days
  4. One day
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