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You are busy with an important milestone, and after that, you have to deliver a deliverable to the client. Since the client is known for his difficult behavior, management is worried whether the client will accept the deliverable. Therefore, they tell you to check the product acceptance criteria again before calling the client. What document will you look at to get this information?
  1. WBS
  2. WBS dictionary
  3. Project scope statement
  4. RACI matrix

Q2. Your organization gets a new project and wants you to assign the project manager for this project. As management is busy with other activities, they ask you to develop the project charter so the project can get started. To develop the project charter, which of the following is not needed?

  1. Strategic plan
  2. Business case
  3. Agreements
  4. Project plan
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Q3. A new employee of the company is assigned to work on a project that is in the early planning processes. She has to decide if she will accept the assignment to the project or whether she wants to be assigned to a different project. However, the project manager is not at work and is not reachable. Where can the team member look to help her determine what work she is given on the project?

  1. Activity definitions
  2. Project management plan
  3. Job descriptions
  4. Responsibility assignment matrix
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Q4. Based on historical data, the amount of overtime associated with the design effort of a project is estimated at 100 hours with 0.4 probability, 200 hours with 0.4 probability, and 300 hours with 0.2 probability. What is the expected monetary value of the amount of overtime?

  1. 100 hours
  2. 160 hours
  3. 180 hours
  4. 260 hours.
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Q5. You are managing a project with a budget of 500,000 USD, and 250,000 USD has been spent. Upon review, you observe that only 40% of the work has been completed. Your schedule says that you should have completed 50% of the work. What is estimate at completion (EAC)?

  1. 625,000 USD
  2. 500,000 USD
  3. 400,000 USD
  4. 375,000 USD
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Q6. The project is calculated to be completed four days after the desired completion date. You do not have access to additional resources. The project is low risk, the benefit cost ratio (BCR) is expected to be 1.6, and the dependencies are preferential. Under these circumstances, what would be the BEST thing to do?

  1. Cut resources from an activity
  2. Make more resources concurrent
  3. Move resources from the preferential dependencies to the external dependencies.
  4. Remove an activity from the project.
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Q7. What is the traditional way to display a reporting structure among project team members?

  1. Text-oriented role description
  2. Flowchart
  3. Project organization charts
  4. Matrix-based responsibility chart
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Q8. You are managing a construction project. Your company does not specialize in construction design so you outsourced the construction design to a third party. You are conducting regular procurement performance reviews and are dissatisfied. You want to carry out a detailed audit of the design supplier’s work processes to determine the root cause. Can you do that?

  1. Yes, it is a good project management technique advocated by the PMBOK guide.
  2. Yes, if there is a provision in the contract allowing work process audits.
  3. No, you are only authorized to perform quality audits on the delivered products and not the supplier’s internal work processes.
  4. No, a detailed procurement audit cannot be performed until you terminate the contract.
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Q9. You want to buy a cell phone and you have two options. The first phone is cheaper and offers less functionality, but it has a proven track record of good stability and reliability. The second phone is a feature rich, costly phone but it has some stability and reliability issues. Which of the following statements is correct about these phones?

  1. The first cell phone is a low grade, high-quality phone
  2. The second cell phone is a low grade, high-quality phone
  3. The first cell phone is a high grade, low-quality phone
  4. The second cell phone is a high grade, high-quality phone
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Q10. Establishing control accounts for the work packages and a unique identifier from a code of accounts finalizes the WBS. This provides a structure for hierarchical summation of:

  1. Schedule and requirements information
  2. Cost and requirements information
  3. Cost and resource information
  4. Scope, budget and schedule information
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