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20 jobs under the table

20 jobs under the table

Working under the table is one of the smartest ways to make extra income. Jobs under the table can help you save money, make investments, or pay off debts faster.
Whether you're working full-time looking for a part-time job, or running a business and looking for some extra income, you can make money working under the table.
Nowadays, working under the table is pretty easy and fun. I'm saying this because you can be paid upfront to do what you love in lieu of the official paycheck. Isn't that amazing?
If you love to work and want to start making money right away, you can start with the top 20 Make Money Table Jobs in this article.
One important thing to know is that getting "under the table" jobs that are well paid can be overwhelming. If so, you may need expert guidance to get started. The tips in this article will help you find your way around.

What does "under the table jobs" mean?

According to Investedwallet, “under the table jobs” simply means that one earns money that is “off the record” when the income is reported and is strictly paid out in cash.
It's just another term for off the books jobs. This means that the job is not officially recorded. You work and get paid for your time instead of an official paycheck. No taxes, social security contributions and no reporting.

How to find jobs under the table - best tips

As with any job search, finding a job under the table can be a bit stressful, but it can be easier when you know where to look. Below are easy ways to find jobs under the table.

• Job websites & apps like, or
• Ask family and friends
• Facebook groups
• Craigslist

The best jobs under the table

Below are the top 20 table jobs that are great for making money, fast. These are proven, easy, and real jobs that pay off under the table.

20. Tutoring.

Tutoring is a great and easy way to make money under the table. You share your knowledge, teach people what you already know.
Getting a tutoring job is not difficult. Many students require additional instruction outside of school. You can find jobs on Facebook and Craigslist.

19. Interpret.

If you are fluent in other languages, you can make money interpreting for people. People are looking for someone who can convey information the way they understand.
The interesting thing is that the first time you perform well, people keep calling you back.

18. Babysitting

One of the best under the table jobs that pays well is babysitting. This type of work is aimed at women more than men. You can review job vacancies on SitterCity,, or TaskRabbit.

17. Photography

Photography is one of the well-paying jobs under the table. In fact, the average photographer makes over $ 30 an hour. You can take photos at events, weddings, and conferences. You can also create your own designs and market them.

16. Pet care

Another great way to make money under the table is pet care. This always works, especially if you love animals. Your responsibility is to bathe, feed, and trim your nails.
Pet owners are always willing to pay as most of them don't like the job.

15. Makeup artist

People are looking for who can make them look good for an event. You can become a makeup artist and make a good income. As a makeup artist, you can bill people for your services.

14. DJ job

The DJ job is fun and very lucrative. If you have some musical skills, you can play music at parties and get paid to do it.

13. Barber

Nobody likes unkempt hair. This is what makes the services in demand from hairdressers and barbers. So if you do this service well, you can set up a salon or workstation for yourself at home.

12. Performing Arts

You can keep people entertained through dancing, singing, and comedy. People hire you to perform at events. You can also be a street performer, but that doesn't come with a guaranteed income.

11. Drive

If you are a licensed driver, you can become a personal driver for someone or take on driving assignments. You can keep an eye out for offers on Craigslist.
Check out how you can get paid to drive your car.

10. Snow removal

Snow removal is a great job under the table. Although it is seasonal, it can be very lucrative. You can make $ 50-60 in just a few hours of shoveling snow. Easily work in your neighborhood during the season and get a quick quote.

9. IT technology

An IT technician repairs phones, computers, and other electronic devices. If you are knowledgeable in this field, you can make a good income.
According to data, the average American has 6 electronic devices to himself. So there are always plenty of job offers.

8. Clean up Jobs

People are involved in different activities every day. As a result, they have little or no time to clean and tidy up their houses. When you need fast money, furniture is easy to clean, mop, dust and get paid.
There are a lot of cleaning listings on Craigslist. You don't even need prior knowledge to get the job done.

7. Gardening

Gardening involves planting flowers, short trees, herbs, and other plants in people's gardens. If you are knowledgeable in this area, you can make a good income from it.

6. Sell ??scrap metal

Many people may not realize that selling scrap metals is very lucrative. You can make good money selling scrap metals. All you have to do is pick up some trash in your neighborhood and sell it to a junkyard.

5. Travel Guide

If you live near a landmark, you can make money as a tour guide. You can work for a travel company or you can attract your own customers.

4. Painting

Painting can also suit for an under-desk job. You can paint people's houses, fences, sheds and make money. Painting is fun, but quite time-consuming.

3. Personal assistant job

People are looking for a personal assistant to help out with daily things. You can help people run random errands like grocery shopping, preparing meals, and cleaning the house.

2. Installation

Plumber is one of the best under the table jobs that are paid for in cash. There are job vacancies for plumbers on TaskRabbit, Craigslist, and other job sites. If you have the skills, you can make money from them.

1. Small engine repair

Small engine repairs are a great way to make money under the table. They make a good salary repairing farm equipment, landscaping, and other small equipment with moving parts.


You can start making some decent money off jobs under the table if you need some extra income. Follow our tips and benefit from the best jobs on our list.

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