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Deadly signs you need a vacation ASAP

Deadly signs you need a vacation ASAP
Despite a seemingly endless stream of articles warning of the perils associated with overworking, many people still choose to forgo vacations.
Some people are simply workaholics. Many employees feel they are already too behind in their work and they fear falling even further behind if they take their vacation. Some are worried about their boss's perception, especially when no one else is taking their vacation.
And some employees in a highly competitive industry are even fearful it can cost them their job either because it will reflect poorly on their work ethic or it will leave an opening for a colleague to prove themselves while they're away.
But no matter how worried you are, or how much you love your work, not taking regular vacations is a proven recipe for burnout that can lead to major health issues and end up requiring an even longer break away from work. "The list of stress-related health issues caused by an endless work schedule is enormous, including sleepless nights, stomach issues, irritability, backaches, and tension headaches.
In this article we share common signs that you need to take a vacation ASAP.

1. You’re totally depleted

Tired, Drained, Exhausted. If you feel like you’ve got nothing left to give and are bone tired in the way that a night of sleep won’t fix, you’re due for a break.

2. You’re having trouble sleeping

Whether you're having trouble falling asleep or waking up at 3:00 every morning, sleep issues can be a symptom of overwork and stress, or it can be a signal that you're too focused on your work at the expense of everything else, Kerr says.

3. You Wake Up with Splitting Headaches

If you frequently wake up with headaches, you may be grinding your teeth in your sleep as a result of stress. Some time away from work will allow your body to heal itself without distractions.

4. You begin missing important evets in your personal life

If you find yourself having missed too many family dinners, school concerts, or family outings, it could be a clue that you need to reconnect with your family during some much needed vacation time, says Kerr.

5. You're spending more money than you normally would

If you find that you are spending more money, shopping more, engaging in gambling or other types of 'escape behaviors,' be aware that you are seeking higher levels of dopamine to help you cope with the stress and exhaustion, Instead of shopping for things you don't need or losing money gambling—put that money towards a well-earned holiday.

6. You’re very cranky.

Burnout can turn your cheeky sass into venomous frustration. That kind of irritability and total loss of patience doesn’t feel great—for you or those around you. The tension and friction knocks you off the same wavelength as friends, family, partners, and colleagues, and it also leads you to withdraw.

7. It’s hard to think clearly.

Constantly losing focus and feeling like your head is swimming should raise a red flag that it’s time for a break. Plus, feeling overwhelmed with work or matters in your personal life can make the smallest things—mailing a birthday card, buying hand soap—seem insurmountable.
When it’s hard enough to focus at work, throwing vacation planning into the mix can feel like a slog. Travel is a form of external work as well. If you're so tired, so burnt out, and everything feels like a big obstacle, the last thing you need to do is start dealing with work. So, start small. Dedicate an hour in the morning or evening for a few days to planning your time off. Still too much? Opt for a staycation, local day trip, or just stay at home and commit to doing something you enjoy or bask in doing absolutely nothing at all.

8. You’re starting to make more mistakes at work

Whether it's errors on financial reports or customer transactions, if you find you're making more mistakes than usual, it could be a sign you need to reboot your mental hardware.

9. You’re no longer enthusiastic about your work

If you're not as excited to get into work on a Monday morning as you once were, or you dread a work activity that you once enjoyed, you probably need a break. If you feel your work spirit flagging, and can't remember what it is that made you love your job, then it might be time to get away.

10. Responding to a simple email feels like writing a doctoral thesis.

When minuscule tasks start to feel like climbing mountains, you should turn on your email's vacation responder and climb an actual mountain instead.

11. You suspect your office chair is plotting your death.

Office chairs are low-key serial killers that should come with a Surgeon General's warning. They may cause chronic back pain, obesity, high blood pressure, and lead to heart disease. Even though scientists dubbed sitting the new smoking years ago, the average office person still sits 15 hours per day.

12. You’ve lost your sense of humor

Here's a solid sign: You find yourself not laughing as easily as you once did, or you find it harder to 'find the funny' in challenging work situations.

13. You daydream about anything but work

When you find yourself daydreaming at work more and more about winning the lottery or dream vacations rather than focusing on your goals or demonstrating concern for your company's goals and well-being, it's time to book a trip.

14. You’re being to look like your passport photo

It's an old joke with a lot of truth to it. Any signs of chronic stress that might be signalling impending burnout are obvious red flags: irritability with colleagues, finding it difficult to concentrate on routine tasks, chronic tension headaches, back strain, stomach issues, or more serious health concerns.

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