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On which of the following types of surfaces should a Class A fire extinguisher not be used?
  1. Cloth
  2. Wood
  3. Paper
  4. Electrical equipment

Q2. If you see any leaks or spills what should you do

  1. Walk past as it is not your job to report it.
  2. Report the leak immediately
  3. Report only if the leak seems to be getting worse
  4. Report only if the leak is big
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Q3. Which of the following is considered a potential challenge to an effective EMS?

  1. Reduction in workforce issues
  2. Mitigation of environmental aspects
  3. Senior management commitment to provide resources
  4. Increased commitment to community awareness
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Q4. OH&S opportunities to enhance OH&S performance, while taking into account planned changes to the organization, its policies, its processes or its activities. Which of the following are TRUE?

  1. opportunities to adapt work, work organization and work environment to workers
  2. opportunities to eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks
  3. other opportunities for improving the OH&S management system
  4. All of the above
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Q5. The audit method chosen for a particular audit depends on ____________

  1. Audit objectives
  2. Audit scope
  3. Audit criteria
  4. All of the above
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Q6. Environmental _____ are the “effects” on the environment caused by the environmental _____.

  1. changes, evolution
  2. aspects, impacts
  3. targets, objectives
  4. impacts, aspects
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Q7. Occupational health focuses on ___________

  1. Worker support
  2. Health promotion
  3. Pre-employment medical screening
  4. All of the above
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Q8. If you wanted to convey the most severe type of hazard, which word would you use?

  1. Warning
  2. Notice
  3. Danger
  4. Caution
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Q9. Why is it important to involve plant personnel who may be impacted by any EMS changes?

  1. because ISO 14001 requires it
  2. to ensure that the company's aspects and impacts are clearly defined
  3. to make sure the blame is spread equally between management and labor
  4. because the environment impacts everyone, not just management
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Q10. You should wear eye, head, and face protection if you are working with which of the following tools?

  1. Portable abrasive wheel tools
  2. Electric tools
  3. Pneumatic tools
  4. Liquid fuel tools
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