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Project Management Question Bank
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The WBS represents all product and project work. The total work at the lowest levels should roll up to the higher levels so that nothing is left out and no extra work is performed. This principle is also the:
  1. 100 percent rule
  2. 80/20 rule
  3. Pareto's rule
  4. Ground rule

Q2. All of the following are components of cost management EXCEPT:

  1. Vendor bid analysis
  2. Analogous estimating
  3. Earned value management
  4. Estimate Activity Resources
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Q3. The project budget is proving to be inaccurate. The SPI is 1.1. The team has had a negative deviation from the activity attributes, and the sponsor has inserted herself on the change control board. What is the BEST thing for the project manager to do?

  1. Try to encourage the sponsor to remove herself from the change control board
  2. Re-compute the project schedule
  3. Re-estimate the activity attributes
  4. Calculate the cost performance index
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Q4. A dependency requiring that design be completed before manufacturing can start is an example of:

  1. Discretionary dependency
  2. External dependency
  3. Mandatory dependency
  4. Scope dependency
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Q5. What type of method uses a weighting ranking system for quantifying qualitative data to minimize the effect of personal bias during the process of selecting a seller?

  1. Independent estimates
  2. Source Selection Criteria
  3. Vendor audits
  4. Sourcing workshops
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Q6. Monte Carlo analysis is used to:

  1. Simulate the order in which activities occur
  2. Prove to management that extra staff is needed.
  3. Get an indication of the risk involved in the project
  4. Estimate an activity’s length
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Q7. A project has several teams. Team C has repeatedly missed deadlines in the past. This has caused team D to have to crash the critical path several times. As the team leader for team D, you should meet with the:

  1. Manager of team D
  2. Project manager alone
  3. Project manager and management
  4. Project manager and the leader of team C
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Q8. While planning the project, you discover that an expert resource might be available to work on you project. However, the resource manager will not commit to the resource being on your team at the present time. The BEST thing to do would be to estimate the activity:

  1. As if the expert resources were available.
  2. As though you had an average resource doing the activity.
  3. As if you had an inexperienced resource
  4. Using the Delphi technique.
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Q9. You are gathering all the information about the stakeholders and discussing with your team members what changes they can make to the project objective. Which technique are you using here?

  1. Information gathering technique
  2. Stakeholders analysis
  3. Stakeholders management strategy
  4. Brainstorming
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Q10. Statistical sampling involves choosing part of a population for inspection. Appropriate sampling can often ___________the cost of quality control.

  1. Neutralize
  2. Reduce
  3. Increase
  4. Mitigate
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