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Project Management Question Bank

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You are managing a large project with many contractors working on it. A stakeholder comes to you and informs you that he never received the status report from one of your contractors. What will your next step be?
  1. Stop the payment and ask for clarification
  2. Call the contractor
  3. Review the communications management plan
  4. Inform management

2. Your employee is three days late with a report. She walks into a meeting where the report is to be discussed and hands you a copy five minutes before the topic is to be discussed. You noticed some serous errors in the report. How could this have been prevented?

  1. Require periodic updates from the employee.
  2. Coach and mentor the employee.
  3. Make sure the employee was competent to do the work.
  4. Cancel the meeting earlier because you did not have a chance to review the reports.
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3. Which of the following is an output of the Define Activities process?

  1. Milestone list
  2. Project schedule activity diagrams
  3. Resource calendar
  4. Activity duration estimates
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4. Your company is in competition to win a major project for the government of a country. Your contacts in that country inform you that you must make a large payment to the foreign minister to be considered for the project. What should you do?

  1. Inform your company’s management, and ask for direction
  2. Do not make the payment
  3. Have the local contact make the payment
  4. Make the payment
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5. You are in the process of reviewing bids from various vendors for work on your project. One of the bidding vendors has a history of delivering on time and within budget, and you have personally worked with this company successfully on previous engagements. You receive a call from the manager submitting the bid inquiring about how the process is going. He asks to have lunch with you to discuss the bid. What is the BEST response?

  1. Do not mention the other bidders but simply inform him that based on past experience, he has a good chance of winning the business.
  2. Inform him that it would be inappropriate to discuss the matter at all and document the conversation.
  3. Inform him that it would not be appropriate to discuss the matter over the phone during business hours, but that an informal lunch discussion would be more appropriate.
  4. Politely avoid continuing the conversation and disregard the bid.
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6. A project manager analyzed a US $200,000 project that involves 30 team members and has three customers. Why is there a need for an analysis of secondary risks on this project?

  1. It provides a vehicle for efficient stakeholder involvement.
  2. It provides a way to effectively decrease the amount of contracting on the project.
  3. It helps create a prioritized list of risks.
  4. It helps determine which new risks have been created as a result of the risk response strategies chosen.
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7. Andrew was working as a senior project manager at a company when he resigned from his position. This company recently hired Jack to replace Andrew. Jack had worked with Andrew in the past, and he knows him personally. Jack is now in charge of a project that Andrew left in the middle. If Jack calls Andrew for an opinion on this project, this constitutes:

  1. Jack‘s incompetence since he is dependent on Andrew‘s opinion
  2. An example of obtaining expert judgment from a senior
  3. Unethical behavior by Jack since Andrew has already resigned from the company
  4. A conflict of interest situation as Jack knows Andrew
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8. The buyer asks the project manager for the status of the project that his team is working on. What is the BEST way to determine the status of a project?

  1. Compare the project performance against the project baselines
  2. Compare the earned value to the planned value
  3. Compare the project performance against the integrated change control plan.
  4. Compare the number of people used on each work package to the planned number to be used.
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9. A cost baseline is an output of which cost management process?

  1. Estimate Activity Resources
  2. Estimate Costs
  3. Determine Budget
  4. Control Costs.
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10. About midway through the project, the project manager learns that most members of the project team are not reviewing the weekly project updates. What should the project manager do?

  1. Create a signature log so team members can indicate when they have read the project updates.
  2. Revise the communications management plan appropriately to meet the informational needs of the stakeholders.
  3. Improve the layout of the weekly project updates to encourage reading by team members.
  4. Require the reading of the project updates in order to receive any rewards on the project.
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