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Project Management Question Bank
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The project charter is a document which initiates the project, establishes your authority and contains some high-level information. Which of the following information will not be included in the project charter?
  1. Project purpose
  2. High-level requirements
  3. High-level risks
  4. Name of the competitor

Q2. You are planning a project. The functional managers will not commit any particular people to your project, because it will not begin for a few months. All of the following methods could be used to handle this situation EXCEPT:

  1. Use the average productivity factor for each department.
  2. Use the average daily rate of the resource in each department times the number of resource needed of each resource type.
  3. Use the results of the Delphi Technique for the number of hours.
  4. Use the average probability of successful completion multiplied by the number of resource needed each day.
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Q3. Miranda is an experienced project manager. As part of the Collect Requirements phase, she decides to use a group creativity technique. This technique is intended to enhance brainstorming with a voting process and can be used to rank the most useful ideas for further brainstorming or prioritization. Which of the following will she likely use?

  1. Normal group technique
  2. Minimal group technique
  3. Unanimous group technique
  4. Nominal group technique
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Q4. You are working on a medium-sized project and management has decided to forego the perform quantitative risk analysis process. So, after identifying risks, you start the qualitative risk analysis process and now you are going to prioritize them. Which of the following techniques are you going to use?

  1. Probability and impact
  2. Fishbone diagram
  3. Scatter diagram
  4. Sensitive analysis
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Q5. Michael and John are having some conflicts and they come to you. Since you are too busy and the problem is complex, you go with the midway of both parties and partially satisfy both of them. What conflict resolution technique are you using here?

  1. Accommodate
  2. Withdraw
  3. Collaborate
  4. Compromise
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Q6. Which of the following is not an effective influencing technique?

  1. Withdrawing from conflicts
  2. Using a flexible interpersonal style
  3. Leading by example
  4. Clarifying how decisions will be made
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Q7. What is the purpose of a bidder conference?

  1. Awarding a contract to the most suitable vendor
  2. Pre-qualifying the potential sellers
  3. Ensuring all vendors have a clear understanding of the procurement
  4. Developing a comprehensive seller's list
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Q8. A project is seriously delayed. Earned value analysis shows the project needs to be completed 10 percent faster than the work has been going. To get the project back on track, management wants to add 10 people to an activity currently assigned to one person. The project manager disagrees, noting that such an increase will not produce an increase in speed. This is an example of:

  1. The law of diminishing returns
  2. Fast tracking
  3. Earned value
  4. Life cycle costing
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Q9. The accuracy of Activity Duration estimates can be improved by considering the amount of risk in the original estimate. The three types of estimates on which three-point estimates are based are:

  1. Budgetary, ballpark, and Order of Magnitude
  2. Best case scenario, expected scenario, and current scenario
  3. Most likely, likely, and unlikely
  4. Most likely, optimistic, and pessimistic
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Q10. You have been appointed project manager of a project. The project charter is signed and you have started working on it. As the project is big and involves many stakeholders, you start identifying your project’s stakeholders. The number of identified stakeholders is huge and you are worried about how you will manage such a large number of stakeholders effectively. Fortunately, the PMBOK Guide provides you with many strategies to manage stakeholders under all circumstances. In this case, which of the following models will you not use to develop the stakeholder management strategy?

  1. Salience model
  2. Power / Interest grid
  3. Tornado diagram
  4. Influence / Impact grid
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