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Project Management Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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You have been given a project to clean an area where hundreds of families are living and to develop residential flats for them. Since there so many stakeholders involved, how will you manage them?
  1. Ignore low-power stakeholders
  2. Pick the dominating stakeholders
  3. Find a way to manage them all
  4. Manage only high power and high-interest group stakeholders

Q2. The role of the project manager relating to integration is MOST appropriately described as:

  1. Ensuring that the stakeholders’ role is integrated with the rest of the team.
  2. Ensuring that management’s role is integrated into the everyday workings of the project.
  3. Ensuring that the various project elements are properly coordinated
  4. Ensuring that team members work together.
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Q3. Who determines the project scope requirements of a new project?

  1. The customer
  2. The stakeholders
  3. The project manager
  4. Senior management
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Q4. A floor is one of the office buildings a company owns is now available for rent. It is imperative that the space be rented within one month. The only offer that has been received is from a company that is a competitor. What is the BEST thing to do in this situation?

  1. Offer the space to the customer under a short-term lease agreement
  2. Report the issue to management and inform the customer of their decision
  3. As part of the lease agreement, include a non-competitive agreement
  4. Tell the customer that your company has decided to use the space.
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Q5. A project involves arranging for the closing of the company office where the team works and relocating everyone to a new city. The BEST thing the project manager can do is:

  1. Spend time carefully creating the work breakdown structure.
  2. Have a strong quality control plan.
  3. Decrease the fringe benefits
  4. Carefully consider the reward system for the project.
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Q6. A planning package is a work breakdown structure component below the control account and above the work package with known work content but without:

  1. Work packages
  2. User stories
  3. Schedule activities
  4. Requirements
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Q7. Based on the chart, what will be the effect on the project if activity C now takes four months?

  1. There will be a new critical path
  2. The project will take longer
  3. There is no change to the critical path
  4. Activity B is now on the critical path
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Q8. Based on the chart, if the duration of activity F changes to 8, what is the effect on the project?

  1. There is no effect on the critical path
  2. The duration of the critical path becomes 16
  3. The critical path changes
  4. Activity A is now on the critical path
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Q9. A project manager analyzed the project’s communication requirements and decided that 10 out of the 30 stakeholders in the project would only need voicemail updates of certain information. This type of communication is:

  1. Push communication
  2. Pull communication
  3. Interactive communication
  4. On-demand communication
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Q10. Enterprise environmental factors are conditions under which you must work and you cannot control them. Which of the following is not an enterprise environmental factor?

  1. Organization culture
  2. Market condition
  3. Corporate knowledge base
  4. Project management information system
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