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The work breakdown structure provides you with a structured vision of what has to be delivered, and the WBS dictionary provides you with detailed deliverables, activities, and scheduling information about each component in the WBS. Which of the following information cannot be found in the WBS dictionary?
  1. Work description
  2. List of assumptions
  3. Resource requirement
  4. Critical risks

2. The technique most commonly used by project management software packages to construct a project schedule model is:

  1. Precedence diagramming method (PDM)
  2. Finish-to-Start (FS)
  3. Activity-In-Node (AIN)
  4. Node-On-Activity (NOA)
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3. Stanley's project is in execution. Stanley has a monthly stakeholder update meeting scheduled in which he presents the project's progress and current issues to the key stakeholders. During the last stakeholder update meeting, the stakeholders requested Stanley to provide bi-weekly project updates instead of monthly updates. The communication management plan has been broadly framed, and it does not restrict Stanley from doing bi-weekly updates. What should Stanley do?

  1. Start providing bi-weekly updates instead of monthly updates
  2. Update the communication management plan prior to providing the biweekly updates
  3. Disregard the stakeholders' request and continue with the monthly updates
  4. Request that the stakeholders submit a change request
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4. Project stakeholders are individuals and organizations who are actively involved in the project or who have an interest in it. Which of the following is not an internal stakeholder?

  1. Program Manager
  2. Project Sponsor
  3. Competitor
  4. Project Manager
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5. You are developing a smartphone, when suddenly your competitor has launched a smartphone which is better than yours. Therefore, you make some changes to the product which causes WBS elements to be amended heavily. What kind of changes have you made to your project?

  1. Change in scope
  2. Change in schedule
  3. Change in quality
  4. None of the above
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6. In addition to a project management plan, the project team must create plans for each component of the project. These plans are called:

  1. Sub-plans
  2. Process plans
  3. Component plans
  4. Management plans
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7. The project is mostly complete. The project has a schedule variance of 300 and a cost variance of -900. All but one of the quality control inspections have been completed and all have met the quality requirements. All items in the issue log have been resolved. Many of the resources have been released. The sponsor is about to call a meeting to obtain product verification when the customer notifies the project manager that they want to make a major change to the scope. The project manager should:

  1. Meet with the project team to determine if this change can be made.
  2. Ask the customer for a description of the change
  3. Explain that the change cannot be made at this point in the process
  4. Inform management
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8. A fire has just destroyed a warehouse that was being constructed as part of a large project you are managing. What would have been the easiest way to ensure that this force majeure would not significantly impact the cost of the project?

  1. Reduce the impact of such risk by transference
  2. Reduce the probability that the event will take place
  3. Accept the risk
  4. Eliminate the threat by not building the warehouse.
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9. You have signed a contract to construct a cross-country gas pipeline. The duration of the project is 5 years. Although the scope is well defined and the duration is long, the seller is insisting you reimburse any costs which may increase due to the time factor. What kind of contract will you select in this case?

  1. CPIF
  2. CPAF
  3. FP-EPA
  4. FPIF
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10. The preparation of the scope baseline can BEST be described as involving:

  1. The functional managers
  2. The project team
  3. All the stakeholders
  4. The project expediter.
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