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Project Management Question Bank

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You are analyzing a particular task with your team members to determine if the task should be done by your team, or if it should be contracted out to a contractor. Which process is this?
  1. Conduct procurement
  2. Plan cost management
  3. Plan human resource
  4. Plan procurement

Q2. Which of the following information about the project would NEVER be available during project planning?

  1. Cost performance index
  2. Benefit cost ratio
  3. Internal rate of return
  4. Budget at completion
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Q3. During a project team meeting, a team member suggests an enhancement to the scope that is beyond the scope of the project charter. The project manager points out that the team needs to concentrate on completing all the work and only the work required. This is an example of:

  1. Change management process
  2. Scope management
  3. Quality analysis
  4. Scope decomposition 12
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Q4. You are in the process of defining policies, procedures, and guidance to help you manage the project costs. In which process you are working?

  1. Determine budget
  2. Develop schedule
  3. Control costs
  4. Plan cost management
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Q5. Andrew is a project management guru hired by a retail giant in your country. Andrew finds out there is a wide array of projects that need to be managed from a central PMO; from a number of small projects to large initiatives requiring long-term roadmaps to manage the development of these programs. What project management approach should be recommended for such projects?

  1. A predictive approach, adaptive approach, or a hybrid of both, may need to be adopted.
  2. A predictive approach may need to be adopted.
  3. An adaptive approach may need to be adopted.
  4. Setting up PMOs for such a wide range of projects is not recommended.
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Q6. The Close Project or Phase process is not performed when:

  1. Cancelling projects
  2. Closing projects
  3. Closing project phases
  4. Reactivating projects
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Q7. During the project execution, some people stole your consumables. You did not identify this threat earlier, though you were able to manage the situation through a workaround. This risk did not have much of an impact on your cost baseline but the schedule was impacted. Management is aware of the issue and to get the complete picture they insist you provide them the performance report. Which of the following information will you provide to them?

  1. Status of deliverables
  2. Actual cost, actual duration, etc.
  3. Milestones status
  4. Memos
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Q8. Risks may be identified during the entire lifecycle of a project. Identify Risks is what type of process?

  1. Qualitative
  2. Effort-driven
  3. Discrete
  4. Iterative
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Q9. A cost performance plan contains a description of:

  1. The project costs.
  2. How resources are allocated.
  3. The budgets and how they were calculated.
  4. The WBS level at which earned value will be calculated.
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Q10. Robert is managing a road construction project. Due to unseasonal weather conditions, the team productivity might be above or below target. This is an example of:

  1. Ambiguity risk
  2. Variability risk
  3. Mitigated risk
  4. Opportunity risk
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