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Project Management Question Bank
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The project statement of work is a narrative description of products, services, or results to be delivered by a project. The procurement statement of work includes:
  1. Project scope statement
  2. WBS dictionary
  3. WBS
  4. None of the above

Q2. In order to complete work on your projects, you have been provided confidential information from all of your clients. A university contacts you to help it in its research. Such assistance would require you to provide the university with some of the client data from your files. What should you do?

  1. Release the information, but remove all references to the client’s names
  2. Provide high-level information only
  3. Contact your clients and seek permission to disclose the information
  4. Disclose the information
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Q3. You have been assigned as the project manager for a software development project. You are currently communicating with stakeholders and addressing their issues and expectations. Which of the following documents are inputs to this effort?

  1. The Issue log, Project charter, and Configuration management system
  2. The stakeholder engagement plan, communications management plan, and the change log
  3. The Project risk register, Work performance information, and Accepted deliverables
  4. Business case, change requests, and control charts
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Q4. Sandra is managing a new supersonic aircraft design project. This is a huge project and the success of this project is very critical for her organization. For such mission-critical projects, which of the following is the most desirable engagement level for all major project stakeholders?

  1. Supportive stakeholders
  2. Resistant stakeholders
  3. Leading stakeholders
  4. Neutral stakeholders
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Q5. Robert is managing a construction project. The project's client is responsible for the design, while Robert’s organization is responsible for the construction. There has been a 45-day delay on a couple of major structure designs. This delay can only be recovered through crashing and will cost $2 million in addition to the approved budget. Robert prepares a detailed report and emails it to the client. In this scenario, Robert’s email to the client is an example of:

  1. Informal unofficial communication
  2. Formal unofficial communication
  3. Informal official communication
  4. Formal official communication
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Q6. A project manager is preparing the WBS for a software project. The WBS includes all the product and project work but excludes the project management work. From the following choices, choose a statement that correctly describes this situation.

  1. This is incorrect. Include product work and project management as part of the WBS but exclude project work.
  2. This is incorrect. Project work and project management are part of the WBS, but product work is not.
  3. This is incorrect. Include product work, project work, and project management work.
  4. This is correct. Include product and project work as part of the WBS but exclude project management work.
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Q7. An obstacle to team building in a matrix organization is that the:

  1. Team organization is technically focused
  2. Team members are borrowed resources and can be hard to motivate.
  3. Teams are too centralized
  4. Teams are too large and therefore very hard to handle.
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Q8. On-demand scheduling is one of the techniques used in agile projects. This type of scheduling relies on:

  1. A schedule that was developed previously for the development of the project increments.
  2. Discretionary dependencies that cannot be changed by the project team.
  3. Skills of the project manager rather than the skills of the team.
  4. A backlog or intermediate queue of work to be done.
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Q9. Lee is the project manager of a project, and he is planning responses to a set of risks. As a direct result of implementing these risk responses, he anticipates certain other risks to arise. These are:

  1. Secondary risks
  2. Primary risks
  3. Planned risks
  4. Workaround
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Q10. You are making another international trip and have been invited to a holiday celebration; you discover that all of the subcontracted work for the project has been given to one of the team member’s brothers. What should you do?

  1. Do nothing if the project is progressing on schedule.
  2. Evaluate the cost of the subcontracted work.
  3. Determine what the common practices are in that country.
  4. Tell the team member that such actions are not allowed.
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