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Project Management Question Bank
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You were recently appointed as a project manager in an organization. You are well recognized in the organization because of your connection with management, and team members obey you because of this relationship. What kind of power do you possess here?
  1. Relational power
  2. Punishment power
  3. Expert power
  4. Reward power

Q2. Robert is managing a road construction project. Due to unseasonal weather conditions, the team productivity might be above or below target. This is an example of:

  1. Ambiguity risk
  2. Variability risk
  3. Mitigated risk
  4. Opportunity risk
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Q3. Payment for any decision made or encouraged by a foreign official with respect to whether a company will be awarded business is BEST described as:

  1. A common practice
  2. A sunk cost
  3. A bribe
  4. A progress fee
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Q4. During the project executing, a project team member informs the project manager that a work package has not met the quality metric, and that she believes it is not possible to meet it. The project manager meets with all parties concerned to analyze the situation. Which part of the quality management process is the project manager involved in?

  1. Manage Quality
  2. Project Control
  3. Perform Quality Control
  4. Plan Quality.
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Q5. Creating a sense of community is a benefit of what type of strategy?

  1. Group-based management
  2. Hoteling
  3. Co-location
  4. Virtual teams
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Q6. Which of the following is not an activity related to the Direct and Manage Project Work process?

  1. Inspecting the project deliverables for completeness
  2. Implementing approved changes
  3. Creating project deliverables to meet the planned project work
  4. Performing activities to accomplish project objectives
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Q7. Based on historical data, the amount of overtime associated with the design effort of a project is estimated at 100 hours with 0.4 probability, 200 hours with 0.4 probability, and 300 hours with 0.2 probability. What is the expected monetary value of the amount of overtime?

  1. 100 hours
  2. 160 hours
  3. 180 hours
  4. 260 hours.
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Q8. The Human Resources department wants to hire a new project manager from within the company. They can choose from the following candidates: Candidate A has good management knowledge; Candidate B has good project management knowledge; Candidate C has solid technical knowledge; and Candidate D has general management, project management, and technical skills. Who is the BEST candidate?

  1. Candidate A
  2. Candidate B
  3. Candidate C
  4. Candidate D
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Q9. The project manager has noticed that there have been a lot of changes on the project. This has not been considered to be a problem until one day he discovers that he cannot determine how many scope changes are currently being reviewed. This problem would be an error in which of the following?

  1. Change control system and project scope management plan
  2. Plan purchases and acquisitions and requirements gathering
  3. Lack of a change control board and constrained optimization
  4. A poor change configuration system and benefit analysis
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Q10. Which of the following BEST describes comparing actual dates with planned dates?

  1. Develop Schedule
  2. Resource leveling
  3. Variance analysis
  4. Three-point estimating
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