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Project Management Question Bank
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A project manager has some authority to manage the budget; however, he does not have any full-time employees under him. In what type of organization is he working?
  1. Strong matrix
  2. Weak matrix
  3. Balanced matrix
  4. Projectized

Q2. Inputs to the Report Performance process include all of the following EXCEPT:

  1. Completion forecasts.
  2. Change requests.
  3. Details of work performance.
  4. Deliverable status
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Q3. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

  1. Developing a project team is the responsibility of the project manager.
  2. A project manager must not acquire resources needed to develop effective project teams.
  3. High team performance can be achieved using open and effective communications.
  4. Teamwork is a critical success factor for a project.
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Q4. For projects where a business analyst collaborates with the project managers in managing the project scope, which of the following task is most likely to be performed by the business analyst?

  1. Acquire project resources
  2. Monitor the change control process
  3. Elicit, document, and manage stakeholder requirements
  4. Control project costs
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Q5. The key objective of stakeholder management is:

  1. Communication.
  2. Coordination.
  3. Satisfaction.
  4. Relationships.
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Q6. A definitive estimate is:

  1. A level of estimating that can be achieved without a team’s help.
  2. Created during the initiating process group.
  3. Within a range of -10 percent to +25 percent of actual.
  4. The most expensive to create.
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Q7. Which of the following approaches deliberately spends less time trying to define and lock project scope early during the project and spends more time establishing the process for requirements gathering, scope definition and refinement?

  1. Waterfall methods
  2. Predictive methods
  3. Agile methods
  4. Kanban methods
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Q8. Which of the following BEST describes the project manager’s role as an integrator?

  1. Put all the pieces of a project into a cohesive whole
  2. Help team members become familiar with the project.
  3. Put all the pieces of a project into a program
  4. Get all the team members together into a cohesive whole
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Q9. Jennifer has recently been asked to manage an office refurbishment project. She finds out that the chief financial officer of the company is resisting the project. The chief financial officer is a key project stakeholder. What must Jennifer do first?

  1. Seek expert judgment from the project initiator
  2. Seek support from the project sponsor to force project decisions
  3. Conduct a team meeting to discuss this issue
  4. Analyze options that might change or influence the chief financial officer‘s perception
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Q10. You are aware that cost and schedule risks are prevalent in your project. You want to compare the planned project performance with its actual performance during the Monitor Risks process. What should you perform to provide this information?

  1. Reserve analysis
  2. Risk audit
  3. Risk reassessment
  4. Technical Performance Analysis
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