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IRGST Question Bank for Exam Preparation
Project Management Question Bank

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You are managing two projects. The first project is to design a simulator for a client which he will use in his driving school. The second project is to install a security system on a client’s premises to ensure its security around the clock. What is your role here?
  1. Project manager
  2. Portfolio manager
  3. Program manager
  4. Project coordinator

Q2. Team members are arguing about the location of specification limits on a control chart. The discussion is becoming heated when the project manager walks in and says: “… It seems that the real problem here is that we do not have enough information about the customer’s specifications. Let’s …”. This is an example of:

  1. Asserting the project manager’s authority.
  2. Problem solving.
  3. Compromising.
  4. Withdrawal.
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Q3. A project manager has completed identification of stakeholders and has started planning for a flow instruments installation project in a hospital. While developing the project management plan, a team member states that a stakeholder in the X-ray department is missing from the stakeholder list. Which of the following would be the best response from the project manager?

  1. Authenticate the information from the team member
  2. Include and involve the stakeholder immediately
  3. It is too late to involve a stakeholder in the planning, so ignore the stakeholder
  4. Wait until the execution phase to involve the new stakeholder
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Q4. What BEST describes the role of the project team members?

  1. To perform the project’s work
  2. To approve the change requests
  3. To accept ultimate responsibility for the project’s success
  4. To authorize the project
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Q5. What similarity exists between a cost-reimbursable contract and a timeand- materials contract?

  1. They are open-ended.
  2. The closure date is part of the contract.
  3. They have fixed bonus rates.
  4. They can never grow in value.
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Q6. A project manager completed the work package estimating process and then performed a Monte Carlo analysis to determine the amount of risk reserve needed on the project. Why is this incorrect?

  1. The risks per work package have not been identified
  2. The critical path was not calculated
  3. The network diagram was not used
  4. The schedule was not developed.
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Q7. You have recently joined a new company as a project manager. While reviewing the procurement plans for a project you will be taking over, you see that the company is considering using one of the most expensive manufacturers to provide certain equipment required for the project. At your previous employer, you had used a different supplier for the same equipment and had paid significantly less. Without telling your boss, you now call that supplier for a quote. Have you violated the rule of keeping proprietary information confidential?

  1. Maybe. You need to talk to your boss first.
  2. No. There is no harm in sharing the information with your current employer, because you are no longer working for your old employer.
  3. Yes. The supply source is proprietary information, and you should not contact the supplier.
  4. You have not violated any rule.
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Q8. The client has given you a project to construct a cold storage plant. Everything was going as planned, however, due to some unforeseen incidents, your project is delayed. The client is in a hurry and has threatened you with a large penalty if you are not able to complete the project on time. So, you started working hard to complete the project and avoid the fine. You are working overtime, bringing in more resources from other projects, and renting extra equipment; finally, you complete the project on time. This is an example of:

  1. Critical chain
  2. Fast tracking
  3. Crashing
  4. Resource leveling
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Q9. Work Performance Data is an important input to the Control Procurements process. Which of the following is not a component of Work Performance Data?

  1. Data regarding supplier’s conformance to quality standards
  2. Data on completed deliverables
  3. Data regarding incurred or committed costs on each supplier contract
  4. Data on supplier invoices and respective payments
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Q10. You are the project manager managing a project to design a print head for dot matrix printers. In order to determine ideal settings for print quality, the quality manager of the company suggests trying out various scenarios for printing by varying certain parameters on the print head. Identifying such variables which influence the product or process under development is called:

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Design of Experiments
  3. Statistical Sampling
  4. Brainstorming
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