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Project Management Question Bank
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Your project is going full steam and to prepare a monthly report you collect some data and give it to John who is your team member. You ask him to provide you with work performance information. He analyzes the information, compiles the data, and gives you the requested information which includes the status of deliverables, the number of change requests, implementation status for change requests, and forecasted estimates to complete. Among this information, which does not represent the information you requested?
  1. Number of change requests
  2. Status of deliverables
  3. Forecasted estimates to complete
  4. Implementation status for change requests

Q2. After the kickoff meeting, two team members engage in a casual conversation about the project objectives and deliverables. It is clear they heard different messages during the meeting. One team member is so adamant that the other team member give up arguing the point. After talking to the project manager, the second team member confirms that the first team member is mistaken. At this point, what is the BEST course of action?

  1. The second team member should send the other team member an e-mail describing what he discovered.
  2. At the next project meeting, the team member should ask the mistaken team member to describe his interpretation so the project manager can get everyone on the same page.
  3. The project manager should send out an e-mail to the team restating the project objectives and deliverables.
  4. At the next project meeting, the project manager should spend time reviewing the documented project scope statement for the purpose of identifying this and other false assumptions.
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Q3. A project manager wishes to illustrate the connections between the work that needs to be done and the project team members. According to the PMBOK, the resulting document is a:

  1. Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
  2. Resource Planning Chart (RPC)
  3. Task Assignment Model (TAM)
  4. Resource Assignment Chart (RAC)
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Q4. During the Plan Risk Management process, assigning ___________ will help you and the project team identify all important risks and work more effectively during the identification process.

  1. Risk factors
  2. Blame
  3. Risk mitigation plans
  4. Risk categories
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Q5. The list of identified risks is found in the risk register. However, the overall high-level project risks is first listed in the:

  1. Scope statement
  2. Requirement document
  3. Project charter
  4. Risk management plan
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Q6. Though it was difficult, the project manager received agreement to the project charter from all four sponsors involved on the project and the US $400,000 project was approved. Now the cost variance for the project is -$500 and the last performance review was positive. Just when the project entered its second phase, a team member on a noncritical path activity announced she was leaving the company. The float of activity L changed from two to four days. Only one unidentified risk has occurred with a minor impact. The last quality review showed that the project has made use of the results of the last design of experiments. Based on this information, what should the project manager do NEXT?

  1. Complete closure of the first phase
  2. Fast track the project to add more float
  3. Review the management plans
  4. Investigate additional risks caused by the difficulty with the senior managers.
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Q7. In change management, CCB reviews the changes in processes or in the baseline and then make a decision to either approve or reject it. On the other hand, configuration control deals with any change in product specification and the processes. Which of the following activities is not included in the perform integrated change control process?

  1. Configuration status accounting
  2. Configuration account checking
  3. Configuration identification
  4. Configuration verification and audit
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Q8. A team member from research and development tells you that her work is too creative to provide you with a fixed single estimate for the activity. You both decide to use the average labour hours per installation from past projects to predict the future. This is an example of which of the following?

  1. Parametric estimating
  2. Three-point estimating
  3. Analogous estimating
  4. Monte Carlo analysis 48
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Q9. All of the following are part of a communications management plan EXCEPT:

  1. Names of the stakeholders who can talk to the project manager.
  2. Names of those receiving telephone call when the system crashes
  3. Methods used to collect and store information
  4. Names of the stakeholders and instructions on sending project status o them
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Q10. Which term best describes the Identify Risks process?

  1. Finite
  2. Redundant
  3. Iterative
  4. Inconsequential
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