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Project Management Question Bank

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You are responsible for IT maintenance in your organization. The head of the IT department comes to you with an internet security expert and tells you to disable auto login and force authentic login based on a new password. The password will be 15 characters long and consist of letters, numerals, and one special character, and this password must expire after every 30 days. This is an example of:
  1. Operation
  2. Project
  3. Maintenance
  4. None of the above

Q2. Agile release planning provides a high-level summary timeline of the release schedule based on the project roadmap. Agile release planning also determines the number of iterations required for the product development. These iterations are also known as:

  1. Epics
  2. Kanbans
  3. Sprints
  4. Phases
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Q3. Which statement is TRUE of quality planning?

  1. Quality planning should be performed regularly throughout the project
  2. Quality planning is done to compile a risk response plan
  3. Quality planning is done only during development of a project management plan
  4. Quality planning is not considered during project executing.
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Q4. Which of the following is the MOST beneficial result of the project manager knowing the critical path?

  1. She would know where the extra resources should be placed
  2. She would know what activities she needs to focus on while managing the project.
  3. She would know where stakeholders need to be assigned to the project.
  4. She would know where there is float on the project
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Q5. A project manager first creates an assumption log during the Develop Project Charter process and records all project assumptions and constraints. During which of the following processes is the assumptions log updated and/or new assumptions and constraints added during the project execution?

  1. Monitor and Control Project Work
  2. Close Project or Phase
  3. Direct and Manage Project Work
  4. Collect Requirements
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Q6. Robert is managing a construction project. The project's client is responsible for the design, while Robert’s organization is responsible for the construction. There has been a 45-day delay on a couple of major structure designs. This delay can only be recovered through crashing and will cost $2 million in addition to the approved budget. Robert prepares a detailed report and emails it to the client. In this scenario, Robert’s email to the client is an example of:

  1. Informal unofficial communication
  2. Formal unofficial communication
  3. Informal official communication
  4. Formal official communication
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Q7. A team member in your project is constantly providing incomplete deliverables and not performing well. What should you do first?

  1. Discuss the issue with the team member in private
  2. Discuss the issue with the team member in the presence of the project sponsor
  3. Discuss the issue with the team member in the presence of other team members
  4. Discuss the issue with the team member in the presence of the company's HR manager
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Q8. The degree to which a particular stakeholder may be able to positively or negatively affect a project is his or her:

  1. Level of engagement.
  2. Level of interest.
  3. Level of commitment.
  4. Level of influence.
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Q9. During project executing, you find that the customer has requested a change to the scope of work even though it was previously not approved. There are no objections to the cost of the change. What should you do FIRST?

  1. Follow the change control process
  2. Discuss the change with the customer
  3. Meet with the team and plan alternatives
  4. Evaluate and document the risks that might result from this change
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Q10. During a cost performance review with certain senior officers from the finance department, you discover there are certain inconsistencies in the way cost performance reporting is done, and you obtain data that shows these officers are deliberately misleading senior management. What should you do?

  1. Write an anonymous letter to senior management about these activities.
  2. Bring this to the notice of senior management even though there are no formal policies in place for whistleblowers.
  3. Do nothing but make sure that the data for your project is clean.
  4. Do nothing. The corrupt behavior of the finance department officials has nothing to do with your project.
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