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Project Management Question Bank
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Identify stakeholders is a process where you identify stakeholders for your project. Which of the following statements is not true regarding this process?
  1. This process happens throughout the project
  2. This process happens in the planning phase
  3. This process happens in the executing phase
  4. This process is started only when the project charter is signed

Q2. You have just completed the design phase for a client’s project and are about to enter the implementation phase. All of the following need to be done EXCEPT:

  1. Lessons learned
  2. Updating records
  3. Formal acceptance
  4. Completion of the product of the project.
Correct Answer

Q3. You are in charge of a project developing a complex product that does not resemble anything your organization has done previously. You are using a resource to develop this product, which is in high demand elsewhere in your organization. The project’s timeframe is very aggressive. In order to meet the schedule, only a limited amount of testing is done. Once the testing is completed, the resource is released. The product works fine when being tested, but in production, it performs poorly. This results in a substantial amount of rework and extra costs to reacquire the resource on an overtime basis. Which of the following BEST describes why this project had problems?

  1. Poor quality management
  2. Poor reporting
  3. Poor risk identification
  4. Poor resource management
Correct Answer

Q4. Analysis of project spending against project budget and calculation of the percentage complete of tasks currently underway are examples of:

  1. Control Chart
  2. PERT analysis
  3. Performance reviews
  4. Expert judgment
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Q5. Your customer requested that the new railroad cars you are building for his company be constructed from heavy grade aluminium. After reviewing the requirements, two of your experts inform you that the customer would be better off with steel cars. You meet with the customer to discuss the issue, and he directs you to go ahead with the aluminium cars. What should you do?

  1. Meet with the customer again to ensure that he understands the expert opinions about using steel instead of aluminium
  2. Find a way to cut other costs, and upgrade the cars to steel.
  3. Provide aluminium cars that meet the customer’s requirements.
  4. Meet with your experts to find another proposal for the customer.
Correct Answer

Q6. The Cost of Quality principle includes:

  1. The costs of ensuring conformance to requirements
  2. The costs involved when changes are made to the requirements
  3. The cost of deploying a project Configuration Management System
  4. The costs associated with eliminating requirements
Correct Answer

Q7. The project team is working on an important and complex project that requires a lot of coordination. Under these circumstances, the BEST strategy is to:

  1. Have a war room
  2. Hire a contractor
  3. Hold more meetings to get the word out
  4. Gain extra assistance from management
Correct Answer

Q8. Nancy’s project has a large number of key positive and negative stakeholders. To ensure the project’s success, it is essential to manage the influential negative stakeholders closely. Do the key positive stakeholders need to be managed, too?

  1. No; more attention needs to be given to the key negative stakeholders.
  2. The positive stakeholders need to be closely managed, as well, since stakeholders’ needs and expectations change over time.
  3. Project stakeholders should not be classified as positive and negative stakeholders.
  4. Yes; positive stakeholders should be more closely managed than the negative stakeholders.
Correct Answer

Q9. Anna has recently taken over a project as the project manager. The project is early in the executing phase. Although all the key stakeholders signed off on the project scope statement, Anna learns that some of the key stakeholders do not fully understand the project scope. The stakeholders’ constant support is crucial for the success of the project. What must Anna do?

  1. Email the copy of the scope management plan to the key project stakeholders
  2. Don’t do anything since all the key project stakeholders signed the scope statement.
  3. Email the copy of the scope statement to the key project stakeholders.
  4. Conduct one-to-one meeting sessions with these key stakeholders to ensure they understand the project scope
Correct Answer

Q10. During which project management process group are budget forecasts created?

  1. Monitoring and controlling
  2. Planning
  3. Initiating
  4. Executing
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