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Project Management Question Bank
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You call your team member and give some instructions. She receives your message and gives her feedback. What is the role of the team member in this conversion?
  1. Sender
  2. Receiver
  3. Medium
  4. None of the above

Q2. George is managing a telecommunication network deployment project. Most of the key project stakeholders are happy with the project so far. However, George has some potential concerns that might become issues in the near future. The next project status update meeting with the key stakeholders is the next day. What should George do?

  1. Wait until the concerns become issues
  2. Discuss these concerns with the key stakeholders
  3. Do not report the concerns in the next meeting but try to mitigate these concerns
  4. Briefly discuss these concerns in the next meeting but do not make them look significant
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Q3. You are the project manager managing a project to design a print head for dot matrix printers. In order to determine ideal settings for print quality, the quality manager of the company suggests trying out various scenarios for printing by varying certain parameters on the print head. Identifying such variables which influence the product or process under development is called:

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Design of Experiments
  3. Statistical Sampling
  4. Brainstorming
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Q4. The technique most commonly used by project management software packages to construct a project schedule model is:

  1. Precedence diagramming method (PDM)
  2. Finish-to-Start (FS)
  3. Activity-In-Node (AIN)
  4. Node-On-Activity (NOA)
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Q5. Many project managers have seen a graph that shows “Influence of Stakeholders” starting out high and declining as the project progresses. In contrast, it also shows the “Cost of Changes” starting out low and increasing as the project progresses. What is the key insight a project manager should gain from this graph?

  1. Stakeholder influence is not important at the end of the project.
  2. Make changes as early in the project as possible.
  3. Set aside money for expected changes at the end of the project.
  4. Place the project on hold until all changes are made.
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Q6. In the process of reviewing the status of your team’s work assignments, you learn that the project has fallen behind schedule by one week. The project has high visibility within the organization and is completely datedriven. The project finish date is still two months out and you think you can recover the time over the next month or so. What is the BEST course of action for reporting the project status?

  1. Report the project on schedule. This is not a significant slippage and there is still time to recover
  2. Report the project on schedule. Most project management plans are not accurate to less than one or two weeks anyway
  3. Report the project one week behind schedule and include recommended corrective actions
  4. Report the project one week behind schedule and then issue a new report next week showing them the problem fixed
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Q7. You have a project with four activities as follows. Activity 1 can start immediately and has an estimated duration of 1. Activity 2 can start after activity 1 is completed and has an estimated duration of four. Activity 3 can start after activity 2 is completed and has an estimated duration of five. Activity 4 has an estimated duration of 8. It can start after activity 1 is completed. Both activity 3 and 4 must be completed before the project is complete. What is the critical path of the project?

  1. Start, 1, 2, 3, End
  2. Start 1, 4, 3, End
  3. Start 1, 4, End
  4. Start 1, 2, 3, 4, End Activity Baseline Crash Time Cost Time Cost A 10 $4,000 8 $6,000 B 2 $6,000 2 $6,000 C 14 $22,000 12 $26,000 D 6 $9,000 5 $10,000 E 9 $14,000 7 $19,000 F 8 $18,000 4 $36,000 76
Correct Answer

Q8. You want to buy a cell phone and you have two options. The first phone is cheaper and offers less functionality, but it has a proven track record of good stability and reliability. The second phone is a feature rich, costly phone but it has some stability and reliability issues. Which of the following statements is correct about these phones?

  1. The first cell phone is a low grade, high-quality phone
  2. The second cell phone is a low grade, high-quality phone
  3. The first cell phone is a high grade, low-quality phone
  4. The second cell phone is a high grade, high-quality phone
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Q9. Activity A has ES-5, EF-10 and Activity B has ES-7, and the duration is 4 days. What kind of relationship exists between these two activities?

  1. Finish to Start
  2. Finish to Finish
  3. Start to Finish
  4. Start to Start
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Q10. A control chart indicates the last 12 weights produced were outside the upper control limit. What should the project manager do?

  1. Stop production
  2. Work to better meet ISO 9000 standards
  3. Look for the non-random causes for the variations
  4. Plan to rework the 12 weights
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