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You’ll feel a lot better after you ______ a rest.
  1. had
  2. have had
  3. will have
  4. had had

Q2. His parents ______ married for eight years when he was born.

  1. have been
  2. will be
  3. had been
  4. were
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Q3. Joanna will never forgive you for letting the ……… . It was meant to be a secret!

  1. cows out of the field
  2. cat out of the bag
  3. pig out of the poke
  4. chickens out of the cage
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Q4. Always turn your television off ______.

  1. when you went to bed
  2. as soon as you got bored
  3. after you have fallen asleep
  4. before you leave home
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Q5. I have a mark on my coat but ______.

  1. it is not noticeable
  2. I’ve cleaned it
  3. you can see it
  4. it was very small
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Q6. Charles has been in Kamila's ……… since he called her a fat slag.

  1. bad letters
  2. bad books
  3. bad records
  4. bad papers
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Q7. Neil is famous for making up the most incredible stories, so you'd better take them with a pinch of ……… .

  1. snuff
  2. pepper
  3. salt
  4. herbs
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Q8. Someone might say "each to their own" when they see or hear about something that they think is

  1. completely normal
  2. probably stolen
  3. a bit strange
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Q9. I don’t think they can easily get ______ from prison.

  1. away
  2. into
  3. down
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Q10. My Uncle Jed lives in a little old cabin in the back of beyond, right near

  1. a subway station
  2. a baseball stadium
  3. a mountain range
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