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Project Management Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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You have one document which hierarchically categorizes labor, equipment, and materials, etc. This document is known as:
  1. RBS
  2. Resource calendar
  3. RACI matrix
  4. RAM chart

Q2. You are managing a project. An audit team wants to know where they can find information on training plans for the project team members and certification requirements. This are in the:

  1. Resource Breakdown Structure
  2. Staff Release Plan
  3. Resource Management Plan
  4. Communications Management Plan
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Q3. As a project manager, you are presented with the following information on the net present value (NPV) of several potential projects. Which project is your BEST choice?

  1. Project A with an NPV $95,000
  2. Project B with an NPV of $120,000
  3. Project C with an NPV of $20,000
  4. Project D with an NPV of -$30,000
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Q4. You have been working on a very large software development project that has made use of more than 230 people. Finally, all the scope has been completed. It would be BEST to:

  1. Throw a party for the team members
  2. Make sure the project is integrated with the other projects.
  3. Begin to focus on your other projects
  4. Analyze project success or failure
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Q5. What does a staffing management plan describe?

  1. When and how resources will be added and taken off the team
  2. How resources will be leveled
  3. What resources will be used on the project
  4. The responsible organization for each work package
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Q6. A control chart is used to determine whether a process is stable or has predictable performance. When a process is within acceptable limits, the process does not need adjustment. How are these upper and lower control limits determined?

  1. Statistical calculations
  2. Variance analysis
  3. Pareto chart
  4. ROM estimate
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Q7. You are doing business in a foreign country and you are advised by your local contact that it will be necessary to make payments to certain officials in order to get the contract. Such payments are expected in another country, but are illegal for people from your country. What should you do?

  1. Have the local contact make the payments.
  2. Refuse to make the payment and hope to get the contract solely based on your company’s abilities.
  3. Call your government officials and ask for direction.
  4. Amend your price increasing the cost to reflect the payments to be made to local officials.
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Q8. You are in the identifying risks process. You are meeting with your team members and stated that the project may be delayed because of the late delivery of certain consumables for your project. Now you ask the team members to find ways in which this problem can occur. What technique are you using here?

  1. Assumption and constraint analysis
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Sensitivity analysis
  4. Root cause analysis
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Q9. The stakeholder register is an input to which of the following processes?

  1. Plan Risk Management and Collect Requirements
  2. Perform Integrated Change Control and Plan Communications Management
  3. Plan Quality Management and Perform Quality Assurance
  4. Identify Risks and Develop Project Charter
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Q10. A project manager had a complex problem o solve and made a decision about what needed to be done. A few months later, the problem resurfaced. What did the project manager MOST likely not do?

  1. Proper risk analysis
  2. Confirm that the decision solved the problem
  3. Have the project sponsor validate the decision
  4. Use an Ishikawa diagram.
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