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Project Management Question Bank
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You are designing a motor engine. During the design phase, you find that a technique required to develop the piston is a bit more advanced than the technology you currently possess. Although you can acquire this technology, it is too time consuming. On the other hand, there is a supplier that can provide you with the same component but at a higher cost. You are still discussing the options with your team members. Which technique are you using here?
  1. Select seller
  2. Source selection criteria
  3. Make or buy analysis
  4. None of the above

Q2. While completing work, a project team member tells you that a work package has been forgotten in the WBS. What is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Wait for a change request to be processed.
  2. Include it in the WBS
  3. Include it only in the network diagram.
  4. Include it in the estimate, but not the activity list.
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Q3. When the cost of an activity cannot be estimated with an adequate degree of certainty, the work within the activity can be decomposed. The resource requirements for each lower, more detailed work package can be estimated and aggregated to form a basis for estimating the cost for overarching scheduled activity. What is this type of estimating called?

  1. Bottom-up estimating
  2. Decomposed estimating
  3. Should-cost estimating
  4. Three-point estimating
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Q4. What does a staffing management plan describe?

  1. When and how resources will be added and taken off the team
  2. How resources will be leveled
  3. What resources will be used on the project
  4. The responsible organization for each work package
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Q5. Which of the following is NOT a factor in the project manager’s acquiring the best resources for the project?

  1. Schedule model
  2. Activity attributes
  3. Quantified resource requirements by activity.
  4. Directive of the project manager.
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Q6. You are project manager on an information technology project on which you and the sponsor have already approved the scope. An information specialist on your team, after having lunch with a low ranking customer representative working with him on a software project, learns that a simple alteration in the display would be a great addition to the project. The information specialist installs the change with no negative effect on the project schedule and at no additional cost. What action should be taken?

  1. The information specialist should be recognized for exceeding customer expectations without affecting project cost or schedule.
  2. The project manager should add an activity to he project management plan with no associated time.
  3. The information specialist should be told that his behavior was unacceptable, as it may have negatively affected the overall project.
  4. The project manager should create a change control form, and have the customer approve the change since the change has already been made.
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Q7. A problem occurs on an activity with free float and the project manager has extended its duration. What is MOST likely to be affected?

  1. Project duration
  2. Resource schedules
  3. Project scope management plan
  4. The latest start for the successor activity
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Q8. Activity attributes extend the description of the activity by identifying various components associated with the activity. Typically, how many attributes are associated with each activity?

  1. They should be between five and ten.
  2. The number of attributes varies by application area.
  3. They should be fewer than five.
  4. The number of attributes depends on the activity duration.
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Q9. During the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process, a number of project documents might get updated. Which of the following project documents get updated the most during this process?

  1. Stakeholder register
  2. Risk register
  3. Project reports
  4. Project presentations
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Q10. As part of your resource management plan, you have created a chart indicating the number of hours (Y-axis) that a senior programmer will be working over the months (X-axis) of the project. This is an example of a:

  1. Pareto Chart
  2. Ishikawa Diagram
  3. Resource Histogram
  4. Staff Acquisition Chart
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