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In about forty years’ time we’ll probably ______ on pills.
  1. be living
  2. have been living
  3. have been lived
  4. have lived

2. Joanna will never forgive you for letting the ……… . It was meant to be a secret!

  1. cows out of the field
  2. cat out of the bag
  3. pig out of the poke
  4. chickens out of the cage
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3. I don’t know where he is; he ____ over an hour ago.

  1. could arrive
  2. might be arrived
  3. should have arrived
  4. must have arrived
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4. It’s the ______ in this country to go out and pick flower on the first day of spring.

  1. use
  2. custom
  3. habit
  4. normal
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5. His aunt just died so he will come ______ a lot of money.

  1. out
  2. up
  3. into
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6. His doctor recommended that he ______ taking sleeping pills for a while.

  1. would try
  2. should try
  3. tries
  4. tried
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7. You haven't been studying much recently and you'd better ……… if you want to pass the Cambridge CPE exam.

  1. thread your way through
  2. meet your Waterloo
  3. pull your socks up
  4. change your spots
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8. The researchers at the renowned UC Berkeley have a long history of (pushing the envelope) in regards to computer science.

  1. This means that these researchers have long followed behind others in the field.
  2. This means that these researchers have long led efforts in the field.
  3. This means that these researchers have kept up with trends in the field.
  4. This means that these researchers have long attempted to do away with paper record keeping.
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9. If you speak/talk of the devil,

  1. the person you are talking about unexpectedly appears
  2. you talk directly about a hot issue
  3. you say something bad about someone
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10. Lyle chose Marco for his partner, thinking that it would be fun to work with his best friend, but now that the project was due tomorrow and the boys had nothing done, Lyle realized that he should have (hitched his horse to a different wagon).

  1. When one wishes to have chosen different company than one is presently keeping
  2. When one accepts responsibility for one's own involvement in an unfortunate event
  3. When one understands that the only way to solve a problem is through hard work
  4. When one determines that the best course of action is to tell the truth
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