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Project Management Question Bank
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During the creation of lessons learned for a project, the team determines that the project would have been better if they had a change control board. Which of the following is the BEST description of what a change control board helps the team to do?
  1. Create change requests
  2. Approve or reject changes
  3. Create procedures
  4. Formulate the change

Q2. The credibility of your risk management depends on the unbiased probability and impact of identified risks. If these parameters are not correctly assessed, your risk management is not worth following. In which of the following process do you define the definition of probability of risks?

  1. Plan risk management
  2. Identify risks
  3. Plan risk responses
  4. Perform qualitative risk analysis
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Q3. On one of your company’s medical research projects, you object to how the research is being handled. However, you signed a confidentiality agreement with the company that prohibits you from talking about your research. It would be BEST to:

  1. Quit and do not talk about what you know.
  2. Quit and begin talking to the community.
  3. Continue working and begin to talk about your objections to the research to newspapers in other cities.
  4. Destroy the research.
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Q4. A new project manager is being mentored by a more experienced certified project management professional (PMP). The new project manager is having difficult finding enough time to manage the project because the product and project scope are being progressively elaborated. The PMP mentions that the basic tools of project management, such as a work breakdown structure, can be used during project executing to assist the project manager. For which of the following can a work breakdown structure be used?

  1. Communicating with the customer
  2. Showing calendar dates for each work package
  3. Showing the functional managers for each team member
  4. Showing the business need for the project 6
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Q5. As an experienced PMP, you have found that running a WBS meeting is tricky because you need to find a balance between insufficient decomposition and excessive decomposition. When items are excessively decomposed, it leads to all the following except:

  1. Breaking the 100 percent rule
  2. Inefficient use of resources
  3. Nonproductive management effort
  4. Decreased efficiency when performing work
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Q6. A resource histogram shows resources by:

  1. Unit of time
  2. Activity.
  3. Area of expertise
  4. Phase.
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Q7. A project manager has just finished the risk response plan for a US $387,000 engineering project. Which of the following should he probably do NEXT?

  1. Determine the overall risk rating of the project
  2. Begin to analyze the risks that show up in the project drawings
  3. Add work packages to the project work breakdown structure
  4. Hold a project risk assessment 06
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Q8. What is the MAIN reason for controlling the project scope?

  1. To enable scope creep
  2. To prevent changes from affecting the project
  3. To ensure timely closure of the project
  4. Preventing scope creep
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Q9. During construction of a new manufacturing facility in another country, one of your team members complains to you that the wage paid to the workers is below the acceptable wage in your home country. In this situation it is BEST to:

  1. Pay the workers at the new facility the same wage as your country.
  2. Pay the workers at the new facility a little less than the acceptable wage in your country
  3. Pay the workers an appropriate wage for the country within which they work
  4. Ignore the issue as you have not heard the workers complain
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Q10. Which of the following is a chief characteristic of the Delphi technique?

  1. Extrapolation from historical records from previous projects
  2. Expert opinion
  3. Analytical hierarchy process
  4. Bottom-up approach.
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