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Project Management Question Bank
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You are taking over a project during the planning process group and discover that six individuals have signed the project charter. Which of the following should MOST concern you?
  1. Who will be a member of the change control board
  2. Spending more time on configuration management
  3. Getting a single project sponsor
  4. Determining the reporting structure

Q2. Earned Schedule (ES) is an extension to the theory and practice of EVM. Earned schedule theory replaces the schedule variance measures used in traditional EVM with ES and actual time (AT). Using the alternate equation for calculating schedule variance:

  1. AT – ES
  2. EV – PV
  3. PV – EV
  4. ES – AT
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Q3. You evaluate your critical path and determine the project will be completed two weeks ahead of management’s expected due date. What should you do?

  1. Delay the project for two weeks
  2. Prepare a list of identified risks that did not occur
  3. Pull resources off the critical path to work on noncritical path activities
  4. Add extra features that will enhance the project and require two more weeks to complete.
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Q4. Along with the project communications management plan, work performance reports are vital inputs to the Manage Communications process. Where do these work performance reports come from?

  1. Project integration management process
  2. All monitoring and controlling processes
  3. Plan Communications Management processes
  4. Organizational process assets
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Q5. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques will generate the MOST lasting solution?

  1. Forcing
  2. Smoothing
  3. Compromise
  4. Problem solving.
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Q6. All of the following are parts of the Direct and Manage Project Work process EXCEPT:

  1. Identifying changes
  2. Using a work breakdown structure
  3. Implementing corrective actions
  4. Setting up a project control system 3
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Q7. Which estimating method tends to be MOST costly for creating a project cost estimate?

  1. Bottom-up
  2. Analogous
  3. Parametric
  4. 50/50 rule
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Q8. Ben is the project manager for a mobile application development project. Due to a recent technological development, a significant change in the product design is required. This change would require a 25 percent increase in the project budget. Ben prepares a detailed report and emails it to the project sponsor, and the sponsor acknowledges the receipt of the report. What should Ben do next?

  1. Update the cost management plan
  2. Update the project budget
  3. Update the project schedule
  4. Wait for the formal approval of the new budget
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Q9. A fellow project manager is retiring and moving to the mountains; you will take over his project. Before he leaves, he tells you the project is on schedule but only because he “put the hammer down” on his project team and pushed them relentlessly. Pushing the team to perform activities to accomplish project objectives is a part of:

  1. Direct and Manage Project Work
  2. Monitor and Control Project Work
  3. Control Quality
  4. Control Scope
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Q10. You are reviewing an old project file where you find a document which contains the project description, important requirements, milestones, and project budget. What document is it?

  1. Scope statement
  2. Project charter
  3. Scope baseline
  4. Procurement document
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