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Project Management Question Bank
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A project may be selected based on all of the following EXCEPT:
  1. Benefit measurement
  2. Net present value (NPV)
  3. The number of resources used
  4. Value analysis

Q2. A project manager has managed four projects for the company and is being considered to join the project management office team. The following is discovered during the evaluation of his performance. The project manager’s first project had an ending cost variance of -500, used two critical resources, needed to rework the project charter during project executing and was ranked 14th in priority within the company. The second project finished with a schedule variance of +100, was completed with a vastly compressed schedule and received a letter of recommendation from the sponsor, but the product of the project was not used. The third project had 23 percent more changes than expected, had an SPI of 0.90, and 25 open items in the issue log when the project was completed. Each of these projects had a cost budget of US $1,000 and 20 to 28 percent more changes than others of its size. The project management office decided not to add this project manager to the team. Which of the following BEST describes why this might have happened?

  1. The project manager has only managed low-priority projects and he had to compress the schedule, showing that he does not have the skill to work in the project management office.
  2. Issue logs should not be used on projects of this size, showing that the project manager does not have the knowledge to work in a project management office
  3. The project manager did not effectively involve the stakeholders, showing that he does not have the knowledge to work in the project management office
  4. The project manager had two critical resources on their team and still needed to rework the project charter, showing that he does not have the discipline to work in the project management office.
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Q3. What is the purpose of a decision tree?

  1. It determines what events may take place
  2. It demonstrates the path of events in a project.
  3. It calculates the probability of an outcome
  4. It takes into account future events for today’s choices
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Q4. While completing work, a project team member tells you that a work package has been forgotten in the WBS. What is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Wait for a change request to be processed.
  2. Include it in the WBS
  3. Include it only in the network diagram.
  4. Include it in the estimate, but not the activity list.
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Q5. A responsibility assignment matrix shows all of the following EXCEPT:

  1. Time.
  2. Resources
  3. Names.
  4. Work packages
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Q6. A summary milestone schedule would normally be part of which document?

  1. Project sign-off document
  2. Project charter
  3. Project requirements document
  4. Project scope statement
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Q7. In which of the following contract types does the buyer have the most cost risk?

  1. Fixed price incentive fee (FPIF)
  2. Time and material (T&M)
  3. Cost plus award fee (CPAF)
  4. Cost plus percentage of costs (CPPC)
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Q8. The Human Resources department wants to hire a new project manager from within the company. They can choose from the following candidates: Candidate A has good management knowledge; Candidate B has good project management knowledge; Candidate C has solid technical knowledge; and Candidate D has general management, project management, and technical skills. Who is the BEST candidate?

  1. Candidate A
  2. Candidate B
  3. Candidate C
  4. Candidate D
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Q9. An organization’s value chain can be represented by a special type of flowchart called SIPOC. SIPOC stands for:

  1. Superior service, inferior service, peak hour service, optimized service, and client service
  2. Simple, intellectual, procedural, optimal coding
  3. Sample, information, practice, organization, and control
  4. Suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers
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Q10. What is the best way to make an accurate forecast of ETC?

  1. EAC - AC
  2. BAC – EV
  3. Manual forecasting of cost of the remaining work.
  4. (BAC – EV)/CPI
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