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Project Management Question Bank
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You are analyzing whether the stakeholders are resistant, neutral, or supporting and noting down all the information in a table. What tool is this?
  1. Stakeholder register
  2. Stakeholders engagement assessment matrix
  3. RACI chart
  4. RAM

Q2. The current update to the schedule performance report shows no schedule variance. Based upon this report, you tell the client that the project is on time. However, your team members know that you just missed a major milestone and the project will not meet its startup date. This is an indication of poor:

  1. Communications planning.
  2. Scope planning.
  3. Team trust.
  4. Schedule planning.
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Q3. Project managers need to be aware of Student Syndrome, also known as procrastination, which means that people start to apply themselves only at the last possible moment before the deadline. This concept is similar to Parkinson’s Law which states that:

  1. Work only gets completed during the second half of the allocated time.
  2. Work never gets completed on time even if sufficient time has been allocated.
  3. Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.
  4. Effort expands to fill the time available for the completion of a work package.
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Q4. A team member in your project is constantly providing incomplete deliverables and not performing well. What should you do first?

  1. Discuss the issue with the team member in private
  2. Discuss the issue with the team member in the presence of the project sponsor
  3. Discuss the issue with the team member in the presence of other team members
  4. Discuss the issue with the team member in the presence of the company's HR manager
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Q5. A project team is worried that the integration of the components of the project will result in uncovering flaws. Instead of continuing their work, they are constantly looking for flaws to try to prevent their system from being the only one found o have flaws during integration. Quality and technical experts were called in to advise and found little possibility of errors for this project. An agreement was reached by all parties on what will be done to prevent errors. It might be BEST for the project manager to:

  1. Smooth the situation
  2. Compromise the situation
  3. Tell the team to create quality testing plans
  4. Let management know of the concern.
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Q6. Chris is managing a construction project. The project team is currently developing the “as built” construction drawings to be supplied to the client as required by the contract. Which of the following phases is Chris’ project most likely in?

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Closing
  4. Executing
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Q7. A company manages SBG contracting bids for government tenders and all successful bids as a separate project. The structure of the company is mainly projectized for a dedicated project team to manage each project. However, to realize economies of scale, there are some central departments that serve all projects. Which of the following role is most likely to be working in a central department instead of directly working with a project team?

  1. Quality control inspector
  2. Construction manager
  3. Project planner
  4. Procurement administrator
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Q8. Sheila is a project manager who manages a global project. She has stakeholders located in various parts of the globe. Due to the nature of the project, she also has large volumes of information she needs to share with the recipients. What type of communication method should she prefer for this purpose?

  1. Pull communication
  2. Push communication
  3. Request-based communication
  4. Interactive communication
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Q9. You have a team of engineers working on your project. Two of the engineers have frequent disagreements. You ask them to resolve their differences through a discussion. However, that does not yield any results. Subsequently, you intervene, and based on your analysis of the situation, you suggest some changes in the way they work with each other. This still does not yield results, and you find that the project schedule is beginning to suffer. What is your next course of action?

  1. Take disciplinary action, if required, since the needs of the project are not being met.
  2. Don't do anything. Differences of opinion among the team members are a healthy situation.
  3. Speak to the two team members and ask them to resolve their conflict amicably.
  4. Ensure that they work in different shifts so that they don't clash with each other.
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Q10. Stakeholder notifications must be archived for future reference. Whenever the Manage Communications process produces a stakeholder notification, the notification must be:

  1. Updated to the organizational process assets
  2. Updated to the project management plan
  3. Updated to the project communications management plan
  4. Updated to the stakeholder register
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