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Project Management Question Bank

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Two team members come to you with a dispute. Since you are very busy, you briefly listen to one member, agree with him, and support his view. What kind of problem-solving technique is this?
  1. Withdraw
  2. Compromise
  3. Force
  4. Problem Solving

2. When do stakeholders have the MOST influence on a project?

  1. At the beginning of the project.
  2. In the middle of the project.
  3. At the end of the project.
  4. Throughout the project.
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3. While preparing your risk responses, you identify additional risks. What should you do?

  1. Add reserves to the project to accommodate the new risks and notify management.
  2. Document the risk items and calculate the expected monetary value based on probability and impact that result from the occurrences.
  3. Determine the risk events and the associated cost, and then add the cost to the project budget as a reserve.
  4. Add a 10 percent contingency to the project budget and notify the customer.
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4. What is present value (PV)

  1. Value of assets that a company owns
  2. Today’s value of future cash flows
  3. Future value of money on hand today
  4. Current value of today’s assets adjusted for inflation 9
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5. Work Performance Information is not an output of which of the following processes?

  1. Validate Scope
  2. Manage Communications
  3. Monitor Risks
  4. Control Scope
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6. Rina and Gimo are the senior developers in a website development project. They have argued about the best web design product to use in developing the new website. As the project manager, you use a forcing approach to make a decision and reduce the conflict. What is the main characteristic of this approach?

  1. Forcing to close the project
  2. Highlighting areas of agreement rather than areas of disagreement
  3. Asserting one‘s viewpoint at the expense of others
  4. Withdrawing from the actual conflict
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7. Close Project or Phase is the process of completing and concluding all activities across all process groups to officially close the project. Which of the following activities is not performed during this process?

  1. Actions required to transfer completed products to operations
  2. Actions required to archive project information
  3. Actions required to audit project success or failure
  4. Actions required to accept the deliverables
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8. Which of these is not an Enterprise environmental factor that can influence the Plan Resource Management process?

  1. Organizational culture
  2. Lessons learned on organizational structures
  3. Marketplace conditions
  4. Facilities and resources
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9. Apart from the difference in the overall governance approach used for the projects performed under the predictive and adaptive lifecycles, the project manager should also be familiar with:

  1. The difference in the cost/benefit analysis techniques in both approaches.
  2. The tools and techniques used in both approaches.
  3. The difference in the quality standards in both approaches.
  4. The risk management processes used in both approaches.
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10. As an independent consultant, you are working with a project manager of a spacecraft parts manufacturing project to ensure that the team complies with organizational quality policies and procedures. Since parts made in this project must be of high precision and accuracy, you are documenting shortcomings within the processes and procedures to improve the quality for customer acceptance. Which of the following best represents the project management activity you are doing?

  1. Statistical sampling
  2. Quality audits
  3. Quality control
  4. Inspection
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