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Project Management Question Bank

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A team of experts come to your project and ask for approved procedures to verify your team is following these procedures. This is an example of which of the following?
  1. Quality control
  2. Manage quality
  3. Verify scope
  4. Control scope

2. You have been assigned to manage the development of an organization’s first Web site. The site will be highly complex and interactive, and neither your project team nor the client has much experience with Web site development. The timeline is extremely aggressive. Any delay will be costly for both your firm and the client. You have a project sponsor and have achieved agreement and sign-off on both the project charter and the project management plan. Client personnel have been kept fully informed of the project’s progress through status reports and regular meetings. The project is on schedule, within the budget, and a final perfunctory review has been scheduled. Suddenly you hear that the entire effort may be cancelled because the product developed is totally unacceptable. What is the MOST likely cause of this situation?

  1. A key stakeholder was not adequately involved in the project.
  2. The project charter and project management plan were not thoroughly explained or adequately reviewed y the client.
  3. Communications arrangements were inadequate and did not provide the required information to interested parties
  4. The project sponsor failed to provide adequate support for the project.
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3. Which of the following BEST describes when a project baseline should be changed?

  1. When a major delay occurs
  2. When an official change is made
  3. When a cost increase occurs
  4. Changes should never be made to the baseline
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4. If you are working on a project with constantly changing scope, which type of contract would work best when hiring an outside vendor to complete a portion of the work?

  1. Lump sum
  2. Cost-reimbursable
  3. Time and material
  4. Fixed price
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5. You are managing a railway track construction project. The construction contract awarded to your company is fixed price and is based on some pre-determined quantities of work to be executed. During the project execution you find out that the actual quantities of work that need to be executed are 20% greater than what has been stated in the contract. What should you do?

  1. Bill the buyer the additional scope of work separately without amending the contract
  2. Collect necessary evidence and request the buyer to amend the contract with new quantities
  3. Engage a third-party arbitrator to help resolve the issue
  4. Sue the buyer for stating wrong quantities in the contract
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6. The termination clause and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism for each procurement in a project is in the:

  1. Scope Statement
  2. Agreement
  3. Resource Calendars
  4. Source Selection Criteria
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7. You work at a software company that authors Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for chemical companies. Prior to releasing the MSDS to the company, you have created a list of items for review to ensure they appear in the document. These items include chemical name, CAS#, protection required, what to do in an emergency, etc. This list is an example of what type of tool?

  1. Checklist
  2. Process Improvement Plan
  3. Quality Management Plan
  4. Quality Metrics
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8. Which of the following BEST describes an opportunity on a project?

  1. Team members will learn more about spy satellites, and will be able to use that information on future projects.
  2. The requirements might need updating later.
  3. The quality requirements are hard to achieve.
  4. Additional engineering may be needed in order to get the satellite to meet the customer’s requirements.
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9. You are a project manager for an automotive parts company. Your organization was hired to produce clutches for an exotic car company. This will involve the design and production of custom clutches. During the course of the project, as you review a quality control statistics chart that examines every clutch produced for the month, you notice several cases where the spring component of the clutch is expanding with too much force and is falling outside the upper control limit. Which type of Quality Control tool are you most likely using?

  1. Control charts
  2. Statistical Sampling
  3. Cause-and-Effect diagram
  4. Precedence Diagramming Method
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10. The State of New York has contracted with your company to provide a claims payment system for Medicaid benefits. In the contract, a clause states that the State of New York can review your work processes and deliverables. This is an example of:

  1. Performance Report
  2. Record Management System
  3. Deliverables Checklist
  4. Inspections and Audits
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