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Project Management Question Bank
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During the project execution, a stakeholder comes to you and tells you that she suspects that some team members are not doing their tasks and are busy with other activities. You discuss her concerns with her and show her a document. After seeing it, she agrees with that the team members are doing the right job. What document was this?
  1. RACI chart
  2. GANTT chart
  3. Organizational chart
  4. WBS

Q2. Which of these is not a component of the scope baseline that is contained in the project management plan?

  1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  2. Requirements documentation
  3. WBS Dictionary
  4. Project Scope Statement
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Q3. Value analysis is performed to get:

  1. More value from the cost analysis.
  2. Management to buy into the project
  3. The team to buy into the project.
  4. A less costly way of doing the same work.
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Q4. What does a Cost Performance Index (CPI) of more than 1.0 indicate?

  1. The project is over budget.
  2. The project is right on budget.
  3. The project is under budget.
  4. The project is ahead of schedule.
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Q5. You have advertised in several newspapers to inform interested contractors to apply for a bid for some of your procurement needs. Which process are you currently in?

  1. Plan procurement management
  2. Conduct procurement
  3. Control procurement
  4. None of the above
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Q6. What might historical records from previous projects used as an input to the Define Activities process include?

  1. Activities
  2. Resources
  3. Costs
  4. Schedule
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Q7. The project was going well until the director of marketing discovered that two of her staff members were working different versions of the sampling plan, a product of your project. Which of the following BEST describes what needs the attention of the project manager on this project?

  1. Stakeholder management
  2. Resource allocation
  3. Staffing management plan
  4. Configuration management
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Q8. Based on the chart, while completing the project, a team member tells you that the team forgot something during planning. Activity F needs the results of activity E before it can begin. Taking this new dependency into account, what would be the effect on the project?

  1. It would increase the critical path
  2. Communication would be more complex
  3. There would be no effect
  4. It would delay activity F
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Q9. The degree to which a particular stakeholder may be able to positively or negatively affect a project is his or her:

  1. Level of engagement.
  2. Level of interest.
  3. Level of commitment.
  4. Level of influence.
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Q10. Many quality problems plagued a project. The quality of the work products deviated considerably from specifications. The project manager decided to do a root cause analysis. What activities does a root cause analysis include?

  1. Discovery of the underlying causes of a problem
  2. Problem Identification and discovery of the underlying causes of a problem
  3. Identification of a problem
  4. Problem identification, discovery of the underlying causes of a problem, and development of preventive actions
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