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Project Management Question Bank
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You are constructing an office building. The cost of this project is 200,000 USD, and the duration of the project is 8 months. During the performance review in the sixth month, you find that 65% of the work is completed and the cost performance index is 1.3. The Planned Value (PV) will be:
  1. 150,000 USD
  2. 130,000 USD
  3. 70,000 USD
  4. 266,666 USD

Q2. The communications management plan for the project has been completed and approved by the customer when a major stakeholder requests that the project manager issue reports on the amount o testing done throughout the life of the project. However, testing is only a minor aspect of the quality control plan. It would be BEST for the project manager to:

  1. Issue the report, as this is a major stakeholder. Her needs would have been included in the staffing management plan.
  2. Not issue the report. Project resources should be expended on communication information that contributes to success.
  3. Request details of the information the stakeholder needs in the report. Provide that information to those handling the quality control function on the project.
  4. Have the stakeholders meet with the project sponsor to get the sponsor’s agreement that project funds should be expended on this effort.
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Q3. Acceptance is a strategy adopted because it is not possible to eliminate all risks from a project. This strategy indicates that the project management team has decided not to change the project management plan to deal with a risk. What action does passive acceptance require?

  1. Passive acceptance is no longer adopted in projects and is a poor project management practice.
  2. Passive acceptance requires no action except to document the strategy and come up with a risk management strategy.
  3. Passive acceptance requires no action.
  4. Passive acceptance requires no proactive action except periodic review of the threat.
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Q4. As the project manager of a large project, you have just completed the Estimate Costs process. As you begin the Determine Budget process, which of the following would you require as inputs to the process from the Estimate Costs process?

  1. Activity cost estimates, basis of estimates
  2. Activity cost estimates, activity resource estimates
  3. Resource breakdown structure, agreements
  4. Activity cost estimates, staff management plan
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Q5. Which of the following could happen during project executing as a result of fast tracking the project?

  1. A problem in a successor activity could affect more activities
  2. All successor activities will have more float
  3. Subsequent activities will have additional risk
  4. Subsequent activities will lose resources 1
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Q6. Though it was difficult, the project manager received agreement to the project charter from all four sponsors involved on the project and the US $400,000 project was approved. Now the cost variance for the project is -$500 and the last performance review was positive. Just when the project entered its second phase, a team member on a noncritical path activity announced she was leaving the company. The float of activity L changed from two to four days. Only one unidentified risk has occurred with a minor impact. The last quality review showed that the project has made use of the results of the last design of experiments. Based on this information, what should the project manager do NEXT?

  1. Complete closure of the first phase
  2. Fast track the project to add more float
  3. Review the management plans
  4. Investigate additional risks caused by the difficulty with the senior managers.
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Q7. If the probability of one event occurring does not affect the probability of another event occurring, the events are:

  1. False events
  2. Mutually exclusive
  3. Statistically independent
  4. Just in-time.
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Q8. Using the chart, if the duration of activity D changes to 9, what would you need to include in your performance report?

  1. The project will be completed later than expected
  2. Everything on the project is going to according to plan
  3. The project will be completed early
  4. The risk of the project not being completed is now greater.
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Q9. You are making some changes to the scope and schedule baseline because you have identified a high-impact risk and management does not want to take a risk. What process is this?

  1. Plan scope management
  2. Plan risk response
  3. Develop schedule
  4. Control scope
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Q10. Once signed, a contract is legally binding unless:

  1. One party is unable to perform.
  2. One party is unable to finance its part of the work.
  3. It is in violation of applicable law.
  4. It is declared null and void by either party's legal counsel.
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