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You are sitting in a group discussion with 13 stakeholders and collecting ideas. Now you are in the final stage and are selecting the final idea. As there are many ideas, you decide to vote. After voting you see that a particular idea receives 7 votes, so you go with that option. What kind of decision making is this?
  1. Unanimity
  2. Majority
  3. Plurality
  4. Dictatorship

Q2. As per the chart, the resource completing activity E is not performing very well. After much argument, the functional manager agrees to assign a different resource to activity E, but this will increase activity E’s duration to seven months. What is the effect of this change?

  1. None, because activity E was not on the critical path
  2. The project will be delayed because activity E is on the critical path
  3. The project will be delayed because activity E has float of five
  4. None, because activity E has float of four.
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Q3. A project manager is appointed to head highly technical project in an area with which this person has limited familiarity. The project manager delegates the processes of Develop Schedule, Estimate Costs, Define Activities, and Estimate Activity Resources to various project team members, and basically serves as an occasional referee and coordinator of activities. The results of this approach are likely to be:

  1. A team that is not highly productive, but that stays together because of the work environment created by the project manager.
  2. A team that is characterized by poor performance, low morale, high level of conflict and high turnover
  3. A team functioning throughout the project at a very high level, demonstrating creativity and commitment.
  4. A team that initially experiences some amounts of confusion but that after a period of time becomes a cohesive and effective unit
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Q4. The Human Resources department wants to hire a new project manager from within the company. They can choose from the following candidates: Candidate A has good management knowledge; Candidate B has good project management knowledge; Candidate C has solid technical knowledge; and Candidate D has general management, project management, and technical skills. Who is the BEST candidate?

  1. Candidate A
  2. Candidate B
  3. Candidate C
  4. Candidate D
Correct Answer

Q5. A project manager for a large information technology consulting firm was assigned to manage a software integration project for a large client. The schedule was already established. Management at the client site responsible for the project explained to the project manager that the project duration was too long. Changing market pressures require the project to be brought in one month earlier than scheduled. He has already reviewed the scope of the project and nothing can be cut. He requested that the project manager cut each activity by 10 percent duration to accomplish the goal. What would be the MOST appropriate thing for the project manager to do in this situation?

  1. Initiate change control processes, explain that the project schedule needs to stand, and review the risks involved.
  2. Meet with the team and evaluate how each activity can be cut by 10 percent to accomplish the goal.
  3. Do more critical path activities in parallel.
  4. Meet with management to review the original project management plan and discuss scope changes that would reduce project timeline
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Q6. Which option is not representative of the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs of the Direct and Manage Project Work process?

  1. PMIS, Project Management Plan, and Deliverables
  2. Deliverables, Approved Change Requests, and Project Management Information System
  3. Approved Change Requests, Validated Changes, and PMIS
  4. Approved Change Requests, Project Management Plan, and Work Performance Data
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Q7. The code development phase of a software project is nearly complete when the first code review is conducted. During the review, it s discovered that the application is missing functionality required to complete a key business process. However, the product scope never specified this functionality. What should the project manager do?

  1. Reject the functionality as out of the project’s scope.
  2. Agree to include the functionality in the current release
  3. Agree to include the functionality in the next release.
  4. Assess the impact on the project of including the functionality, and inform the sponsor.
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Q8. When writing the roles and responsibilities for team members, you should document the role, authority, responsibility, and competency for each team member. Where must you document this information?

  1. Resource management plan
  2. RACI chart
  3. Resource calendar
  4. Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)
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Q9. Which of the following is CORRECT?

  1. The critical path helps prove how long the project will take
  2. There can be only one critical path
  3. The network diagram will change every time the end date changes
  4. A project can never have negative float.
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Q10. You are building a mile-long bridge on a T&M contract. During the excavation activity, you learned some telephone cables are crossing the alignment where you have to construct the bridge. You need to relocate these telephone cables, but there is no provision of such an activity in the contract. Further, the relocation of the cables is a costly task, and you need to do a lot of government paperwork, as well. You requested an amendment in the contract, but the buyer rejected it. Despite many efforts, you both could not resolve this issue. What should you do next?

  1. Terminate the contract following the termination procedures mentioned in the contract.
  2. File a judicial petition in accordance with the state’s law.
  3. Seek arbitration following the ADR procedures in the contract.
  4. Relocate the cables at your own expense since the contract does not cover this activity.
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