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Project Management Question Bank
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You are developing a quality management plan for your project. During the planning process, one of your team members tells you that, in the past, the organization has completed a similar project. You start to review the old project and find that some of its quality metrics can be used in your project as well. This technique is known as:
  1. Reviewing organization process assets
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Process analysis
  4. Prototyping

Q2. The customer on a project tells the project manager he has run out of money to pay for the project. What should the project manager do FIRST?

  1. Shift more of the work to later in the schedule to allow time for the customer to get the funds
  2. Enter project closure
  3. Stop work
  4. Release part of the project team
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Q3. You are managing a project and find you need to apply resource leveling. Which of the following tools can help you identify resources that are overallocated?

  1. Resource Assignment Matrix
  2. Network diagram
  3. Resource Histogram
  4. Resource Breakdown Structure
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Q4. During the Plan Risk Management process your team has come up with 434 risks and 16 major causes of those risks. The project is the last of a series of project which the team has worked on together. The sponsor is very supportive and a lot of time was invested in making sure he project was completed and signed off by all key stakeholders. During project planning, the team cannot come up with an effective way to mitigate or insure against a risk. It is not work that can be outsourced, nor can it be deleted. What would be the BEST solution?

  1. Accept the risk.
  2. Continue to investigate ways to mitigate the risk.
  3. Look for ways to avoid the risk.
  4. Look for ways to transfer the risk.
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Q5. Who determines the project scope requirements of a new project?

  1. The customer
  2. The stakeholders
  3. The project manager
  4. Senior management
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Q6. Which of the following indicates the required cost performance in order to complete the project on budget?

  1. TCPI
  2. CPI
  3. EAC
  4. SPI
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Q7. Julia is managing a water treatment plant construction project. A new government has recently been sworn in. During the election campaign, the winning candidate made a number of commitments regarding environmental control reforms. Julia is not sure how the new government and its future policies might affect her project. This is an example of:

  1. Variability risk
  2. Mitigated risk
  3. Ambiguity risk
  4. Opportunity risk
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Q8. You are a project manager for a large electrical system implementation. One of your key people has started to miss deadlines and work quality is beginning to suffer as well. This person has participated in project planning, and in fine-tuning the earned value estimating, and developing the reward systems for the project. You are confident that this person is well aware of the work deadlines and required quality specifications. What action should you take?

  1. Report problem to the personnel or human resource department for corrective action.
  2. Reassign some work to other team members until performance starts to improve.
  3. Discuss the issues with the employee at the next team meeting and try to determine the factors impacting performance.
  4. Escalate the situation to the employee’s functional manager and ask for assistance.
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Q9. Who of the following are ALWAYS stakeholders?

  1. A person who does not want the project to be completed.
  2. An assembly line worker that will use the product of the project
  3. A functional manager from the engineering department.
  4. A person who might lose his or her position in the company because of the project
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Q10. When a product or service completely meets a customer’s requirements:

  1. Quality is achieved.
  2. The cost of quality is high
  3. The cost of quality is low
  4. The customer pays the minimum price.
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