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Project Management Question Bank
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You are planning resources for your project and the team charter has been established. This charter provides a clear guideline of the acceptable behavior of team members. Which of the following is not included?
  1. Communication guidelines
  2. Decision making criteria
  3. Conflict resolution process
  4. Motivational processes

Q2. Ron is a project manager handling an alternate water-supply project. During a project performance review, he notices the following: (i) Activity A, on the critical path, is delayed by four days. (ii) Activity B, not on the critical path, is delayed by nine days. (iii) Activity C, on the critical path, is delayed by two days. (iv) Activity D, not on the critical path, is delayed by five days. In what sequence should Ron prioritize his efforts in addressing these delays?

  1. First Activities A and B, and then Activities C and D
  2. First Activities A and C, and then Activities B and D
  3. First Activities C and D, and then Activities A and B
  4. First Activities A and D, and then Activities B and C
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Q3. When one factor used to determine the effort required to produce a unit of work is increased while all other factors remain fixed, a point will eventually be reached at which additions of that one factor start to yield progressively decreased productivity. This is known as:

  1. The 100 percent rule
  2. The Pareto Law
  3. The law of diminishing returns
  4. The theory of constraints
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Q4. Who determines the project scope requirements of a new project?

  1. The customer
  2. The stakeholders
  3. The project manager
  4. Senior management
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Q5. While visiting the country where a new branch office is being built, you are told that you must pay a US $5,000 fee to the government permit office to obtain the facility permit required by law to start construction. The construction company tells you this is standard practice and is required by law. What should you do?

  1. Pay the fee
  2. Refuse to pay the fee
  3. Have the construction company pay the fee
  4. Have the customer pay the fee
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Q6. You have been offered a position managing a project that will last 12 months. However, you know that in six months, you will be relocating to another state for family reasons. What should you do?

  1. Turn down the position
  2. Accept the position and provide four weeks’ notice before leaving the job
  3. Accept the position and compress the schedule to complete the project in six months
  4. Disclose your relocation plans to the hiring manager
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Q7. Your project has successfully completed; the deliverable is handed over to the client, and you are in the close phase or project process. Which of the following activities will you not perform in the close phase or project process?

  1. Update lessons learned
  2. Release the resources
  3. Acceptance of deliverables
  4. All of the above
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Q8. You have signed a contract to have a customer care support system built for your company. In this contract, you have mentioned that you will pay all costs incurred plus a monetary benefit if you are happy with the work and the contractor fulfills some conditions set in the contract. What type of contract is this?

  1. Cost plus incentive fee
  2. Cost plus award fee
  3. Time & material
  4. Fixed price incentive fee
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Q9. Which of the following is not a part of the data gathering tools used in Control Quality process?

  1. Checklists
  2. Control Chart
  3. Check sheets
  4. Statistical sampling
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Q10. You are a project manager for Groceries ’R’ Us, a supermarket chain, and are currently working on a project to build a new outlet. The planned values (PV) for the foundation and the frame were $150,000 and $500,000. After five months, you do a performance measurement analysis. You are currently not ahead of schedule. The actual costs for the foundation and frame were $175,000 and $650,000. At this point, 100 percent of the foundation is complete, and only 80 percent of the frame is complete. Which value represents the cost performance index (CPI) to two decimal places at this point in the project?

  1. 0.84
  2. 1.5
  3. 0.67
  4. 1.19
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