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Your project is complete and the product is ready to be delivered. The client inspects the deliverable and accepts it. What process is this?
  1. Close procurement
  2. Close project
  3. Validate scope
  4. Verify scope

2. You have been hired by ABC Inc. and appointed as a project manager for their new project. The project charter has been signed and currently you are busy with preparing a detailed description of your project and the product. The description is in detail, the final requirements are identified, the product boundaries are defined, and you have outlined what is included and what is excluded. Once you complete this process, which of the following documents will you not update next?

  1. Issue log
  2. Stakeholder register
  3. Requirements documentations
  4. Requirement traceability matrix
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3. During the execution of a project, the project manager discovers the project’s stakeholder register is no longer accurate. What should the project manager do?

  1. The project is in execution, the stakeholder register cannot be updated at this stage.
  2. A change request should be issued.
  3. The project is in execution, the Identify Stakeholders process cannot be carried out at this stage.
  4. Review the stakeholder register and carry out the Identify Stakeholders process.
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4. Your project calls for communication with an extremely large audience. What communication method would be appropriate under such circumstances?

  1. Pull communication
  2. Interactive communication
  3. Two-way communication
  4. Verbal communication
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5. All the following activities are performed in the Close Project or Phase process except:

  1. Activities that fulfill the exit criteria of the project
  2. Sending the deliverables to the customer for acceptance
  3. Activities that are needed to transfer the completed products to operations
  4. Documenting the reasons for terminating the projects early
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6. Lesley is managing a software development project for the World Climate Control Organization. Since her team members are dispersed across the globe, she would like to set up online conferences in the next two months to let everyone in her project know what is going on and what their roles are within the project. She wants to use these conferences as team development activities to learn and exchange information in the project. To schedule such activities, which of the following should she use to keep track of the availability of team members?

  1. Project charter
  2. Resource calendars
  3. Responsibility assignment matrix
  4. Project staff assignments
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7. You are a risk manager of a project and the project manager has given you the responsibility of developing the risk management plan. So, you start collecting the risks and then you categorize them based on their impact on the project objectives. Afterward, you analyze them and develop the risk response plan for positive risks and negative risks. After developing these response plans, what will your next step be?

  1. Develop the risk response plan for neutral risks
  2. Update the project management plan
  3. Assign the risk action owner to each risk
  4. Change the critical path to reflect the risk impact
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8. Based on the chart, what is the duration of a critical path?

  1. 30
  2. 23
  3. 49
  4. 46
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9. Erica is managing a kitchen tools manufacturing project, which is intended to produce modern cooking ovens. This project is hugely important for the company as well as for Erica‘s career. Although the project scope statement was well-defined and requirements were gathered from stakeholders in the planning phase, many design change requests have come in from customers during project execution. Which of the following tasks must Erica perform to avoid scope creep caused by uncontrollable changes?

  1. Perform validate scope process and process all changes through the plan risk responses process
  2. Perform integrated change control process and process all changes through the control quality process
  3. Perform scope control and process all changes through the integrated change control process
  4. Perform scope control and process all changes through the validate scope process
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10. You are a project manager leading a cross-functional project team in a weak matrix environment. None of your project team members report to you functionally and you do not have the ability to directly reward their performance. The project is difficult, involving tight date constraints and challenging quality standards. Which of the following types of project management power will likely be the MOST effective in this circumstance?

  1. Referent
  2. Expert
  3. Penalty
  4. Formal
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