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You have been assigned a very critical project. Although your team members are experts and efficient, your team performance is poor. What will you do to improve your team performance?
  1. Train them
  2. Warn them
  3. Co-locate them
  4. Punish them for poor performance

2. You are managing a large project with many contractors working on it. A stakeholder comes to you and informs you that he never received the status report from one of your contractors. What will your next step be?

  1. Stop the payment and ask for clarification
  2. Call the contractor
  3. Review the communications management plan
  4. Inform management
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3. Quality on your project must be as high as possible, yet this type of project is new for your company. Which of the following is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Audit work as it is being completed to look for any needed improvements
  2. Improve your work authorization system
  3. Use cause and effect diagrams when there is a defect
  4. Make sure your staffing management plan is up to date.
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4. With a clear procurement statement of work, a seller completes work as specified, but the buyer is not pleased with the results. The contract is considered to be:

  1. Null and void.
  2. Incomplete.
  3. Complete.
  4. Waived.
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5. Which of the following approaches deliberately spends less time trying to define and lock project scope early during the project and spends more time establishing the process for requirements gathering, scope definition and refinement?

  1. Waterfall methods
  2. Predictive methods
  3. Agile methods
  4. Kanban methods
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6. A fellow project manager is retiring and moving to the mountains; you will take over his project. Before he leaves, he tells you the project is on schedule but only because he “put the hammer down” on his project team and pushed them relentlessly. Pushing the team to perform activities to accomplish project objectives is a part of:

  1. Direct and Manage Project Work
  2. Monitor and Control Project Work
  3. Control Quality
  4. Control Scope
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7. You are assigned as a project manager to lead a new quality improvement project. Management is asking for a project management plan. Which of the following should you create FIRST?

  1. A process assurance plan
  2. A quality management plan
  3. A project management plan
  4. A project scope statement
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8. You have been appointed a project manager for a project which involves more than 3,000 stakeholders. After identifying your project stakeholders, you are in the process of determining the method to use for transferring information to your stakeholders. Which of the following factors will not affect your choice of technology?

  1. Sensitivity of the information
  2. Project environment
  3. Ease of use
  4. Number of stakeholders
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9. You are a project manager creating the final project report. Which information would you NOT include in this report?

  1. Scope objectives
  2. Lessons learned from previous similar projects
  3. Risk summaries
  4. Cost objectives
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10. Another project manager has a family emergency and must leave. He has asked you to fill in for him during a team meeting to discuss a minor problem with the project. He has already distributed a detailed agenda and provided with a copy. When you attend the meeting, several members of the team are making fun of the absent project manager’s ethnic heritage. Your company does not have a formal diversity policy covering such behavior. What should you do?

  1. Because your company does not have a written diversity policy, there is nothing you can do.
  2. Report the incident to the other project manager
  3. Hold the meeting as if nothing happened
  4. Begin the meeting with a discussion of diversity and professional behavior.
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