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Project Management Question Bank
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An activity can be completed in 5 days if the conditions are favorable; however, if the conditions are unfavorable, it will take 10 days to complete. The most likely time for this activity to be completed is 6 days. Determine the PERT estimate for this activity.
  1. 6.5
  2. 7
  3. 5
  4. 3.5

Q2. You are running one week behind on a project due to a late delivery by a vendor. You are forced to compress your project schedule due to a government-mandated end date that constrains your project. After meeting with your team, the decision is to work several tasks in parallel that were scheduled to be run consecutively. This is an example of:

  1. Risk Acceptance
  2. Crashing
  3. Resource Leveling
  4. Fast Tracking
Correct Answer

Q3. Which of the following inaccurately describes a prototype?

  1. A prototype is tangible and allows stakeholders to fine-tune their expectations.
  2. Requirements from a prototype are usually insufficient to move to the design phase.
  3. Prototypes support the concept of progressive elaboration.
  4. A prototype is a working model of the expected product.
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Q4. Anthony is currently managing a bridge construction project. The project is in the execution phase. During the planning phase of the project, Anthony developed a comprehensive stakeholder engagement plan for the project. However, the frequency of plan review has not yet been defined. How often should Anthony review the stakeholder engagement plan?

  1. On a monthly basis
  2. The stakeholder engagement plan cannot be reviewed during the execution of the project.
  3. On a weekly basis
  4. On a regular basis; Anthony needs to decide the frequency.
Correct Answer

Q5. Which of the following risk events is MOST likely t interfere with attaining a project‘s schedule objective?

  1. Delays in obtaining required approvals.
  2. Substantial increases in the cost of purchased materials.
  3. Contract disputes that generate claims for increased payments
  4. Slippage of the planned post-implementation review meeting
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Q6. Bill and Jake are two team members in a project. They do not get along well and are constantly involved in verbal conflicts. The project manager understands the characteristics of conflict and the conflict management process and tries to resolve the situation. Which of the following is not a correct statement?

  1. Openness resolves conflict
  2. Conflict is natural and forces a search for alternatives
  3. Conflict is inevitable in a project environment.
  4. The project manager is not responsible for conflict management.
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Q7. A hierarchical structure of project resources organized by category and resource type, used in planning, managing and controlling project work, is:

  1. Team structure
  2. Resource Pool
  3. Organization Breakdown Structure
  4. Resource Breakdown Structure
Correct Answer

Q8. In a software development project, you are having joint application development (JAD) sessions to collect product requirements from stakeholders. Which of the following mandatory standards in the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is met by having JAD sessions while gathering requirements?

  1. Honesty
  2. Fairness
  3. Responsibility
  4. Respect
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Q9. A project activity on the critical path is delayed. What is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Obtain more resources
  2. Tell the customer the project will be late
  3. Compress the schedule
  4. Cut scope.
Correct Answer

Q10. During the project execution, a stakeholder comes to you and argues against a particular deliverable. You investigated it and found that this particular deliverable was based on his requirement. To prove this, what document will you show to him?

  1. Scope statement
  2. Requirement traceability matrix
  3. Statement of work
  4. Scope management plan
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