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Project Management Question Bank
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You see an opportunity if you complete the project ahead of time: you may get a new project. Therefore, you try to complete the project early, but due to lack of resources, you are only able to shorten the duration of a few activities by starting the parallel or partially-parallel. Which risk response strategy are you employing here?
  1. Exploit
  2. Mitigate
  3. Enhance
  4. Accept

Q2. During construction of a new manufacturing facility in another country, one of your team members complains to you that the wage paid to the workers is below the acceptable wage in your home country. In this situation it is BEST to:

  1. Pay the workers at the new facility the same wage as your country.
  2. Pay the workers at the new facility a little less than the acceptable wage in your country
  3. Pay the workers an appropriate wage for the country within which they work
  4. Ignore the issue as you have not heard the workers complain
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Q3. A company manages SBG contracting bids for government tenders and all successful bids as a separate project. The structure of the company is mainly projectized for a dedicated project team to manage each project. However, to realize economies of scale, there are some central departments that serve all projects. Which of the following role is most likely to be working in a central department instead of directly working with a project team?

  1. Quality control inspector
  2. Construction manager
  3. Project planner
  4. Procurement administrator
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Q4. Your boss says that in order to your new product to market sooner, the project must be completed four months earlier. However, he does not want to shorten the schedule if the project cost will go up more than US $22,000. Provided with the chart, which critical path activity(s) would you crash?

  1. Activity D
  2. Activities A and F
  3. Activities A and H
  4. Activity C
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Q5. A large, one-year telecommunication project is about halfway done when you take the place of the previous project manager. The project involves three different sellers and a project team of 30 people. You would like to see the project’s communications requirements and what technology is being used to aid in project communications. Where will you find this information?

  1. The project management plan
  2. The information distribution plan
  3. The bar chart
  4. The communications management plan
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Q6. A cost baseline is an output of which cost management process?

  1. Estimate Activity Resources
  2. Estimate Costs
  3. Determine Budget
  4. Control Costs.
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Q7. You have been assigned a very critical project. Although your team members are experts and efficient, your team performance is poor. What will you do to improve your team performance?

  1. Train them
  2. Warn them
  3. Co-locate them
  4. Punish them for poor performance
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Q8. You are building a mile-long bridge on a T&M contract. During the excavation activity, you learned some telephone cables are crossing the alignment where you have to construct the bridge. You need to relocate these telephone cables, but there is no provision of such an activity in the contract. Further, the relocation of the cables is a costly task, and you need to do a lot of government paperwork, as well. You requested an amendment in the contract, but the buyer rejected it. Despite many efforts, you both could not resolve this issue. What should you do next?

  1. Terminate the contract following the termination procedures mentioned in the contract.
  2. File a judicial petition in accordance with the state’s law.
  3. Seek arbitration following the ADR procedures in the contract.
  4. Relocate the cables at your own expense since the contract does not cover this activity.
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Q9. Which of the following methods is used to provide a standard to measure performance?

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Sampling
  3. Estimating
  4. Leveling
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Q10. A project manager has just been assigned a team that comes from many countries, including Brazil, Japan, the US, and Britain. What is her BEST tool for success?

  1. The responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
  2. The teleconference
  3. Team communication with the WBS
  4. Communication and well-developed people skills
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